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pretending to be someone your not online...


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right, as some of you might know, Im a regular over at East side boxing, and althouh this is nothing new, a few years ago a woman joined the forum and was promptly hounded by all the saddos over there...


she joined with a photo of a 20 something girl, before eventually posting images of another girl claiming to be herself. everyone pretty much beleived her... until someone met her. the girl seemed on edge, not quite the same woman on the the forum.... she promptly went back on the forum and said "the guys been stalking me etc" and had him banned. she had many fawning over her despite the obvious warning signs, and kept making plans to meet people but pulling out at the last minute. she had even organised for one lad to even come down and meet her at an adress after speaking to him constantly on the phone, although when he got there, the girl he seeked seemed to not exist... eventually most people had gained their wits and knew her for what she was. THEN... the girl in the photo was on tele, attemtping to get into Big Brother! it was fucking surreal! by this point everyone knew it wasnt the same woman posting on the forum, and although most had seen what was going on, some still pined for her and even laughed at those speaking the truth. THEN.... it was revealed the woman who was actually posting, was some woman who had the organs of her dead children taken away, and had been fucked on drugs for years (it was on the independent website, along with a photo of the real woman!).


Some seriously fucked up shit, turns out the woman was bullying her young neice into posing for photos, even forcing her to meet that stranger that day. strange how so many could be duped by her for so long... the truth wasnt as attractive as the lie. to this day, its still a talking point o the off topic forums, and new details still keep being revealed. she even occasionally comes on and probably reads all thats being said about her... if anyone else is a member of ESB, then get this thread down you....



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