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GPW: "Back With A Bang 2012" Feb 3rd Rose Club, Wigan

Mr. Noble

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Two big bits of news in this update! First of all, here's another match for Back With A Bang 2012!




Singles Match

Skullcrusher vs. Voodoo


Skullcrusher impressed many during his NWRL run last year, and as a result has been invited back to the main roster for 2012. The man quickest to make a challenge? Voodoo.


Since Voodoo'

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Trust me stunstone - whatever you've been reading in the blogs is 100% shoot. All our story telling is done on the night, blogs always have been and will continue to be a look behind the curtains of what really happened when we were trying to tell those stories. As for Part 3, you're absolutely right - it's not been released online yet. Lots of things happening meant not a lot of time to finish it! But, i'm aiming to have it online by the end of the week ;)

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Word on the grapevine would be right, all the cool people on Twitter know it breaks first @grandpro Here are the final 3 matches for Back With A Bang!




Pride On The Line

Gallagher vs. Roberts


A never before seen one on one that will be a must win for both men.


Jack Gallagher undoubtedly had THEE breakout year in the UK last year, however, his 2011 didn

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