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WWE Smackdown Spoilers


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WWE Smackdown (Airing this Friday)


Booker T started off the show by interviewing Mark Henry, who said he was going to end Randy Orton's career. Henry said Orton isn't going to beat him just like Great Khali won't beat him tonight.


Mark Henry beat The Great Khali. Henry won with the World's Strongest Slam. Henry attacked Khali after the match with a chair. He put Khali's foot inside the chair and smashed it like he did with Kane and Big Show.


Jack Swagger (w/Dolph Ziggler, Vickie Guerrero) beat Evan Bourne (w/Kofi Kingston). Swagger won after Vickie pushed Bourne off the top rope. Swagger followed up with the ankle lock and got the win.


Sin Cara beat Heath Slater. Sin Cara won with the Swanton Bomb. Post match, the other Sin Cara appeared on the Tron and cut a promo in Spanish. He took his mask off to reveal a new black mask and black outfit. He said this Sunday we will find out who is supposed to be Sin Cara.


Backstage, John Laurinaitis talked with the group of wrestlers who plan on suing. They all agreed to take action against Triple H this Monday.


Kelly Kelly beat Natalya (w/Beth Phoenix). Kelly Kelly won with a roll up.

After the match, Beth hit the Glam Slam on Kelly Kelly. Natalya put her in a submission maneuver as Beth cut a promo.


Cody Rhodes cut a promo about Randy Orton's actions from last week and how WWE took no action. He was not happy about defending his title against Sheamus tonight.


Sheamus beat Cody Rhodes via disqualification. Christian came in and jumped Sheamus for the DQ. After the match, Christian hit the Killswitch on Sheamus.


Zack Ryder beat JTG. Ryder won with the Rough Ryder.


Backstage, Triple H confronted John Laurinaitis about the meeting he had with the disgruntled superstars. Laurinaitis said he was loyal to Triple H.


They ran down the card for HIAC. Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara was one of the matches listed.


Matt Striker interviewed Randy Orton backstage. Typical Orton promo.


Randy Orton fought Christian to a double countout. After the match, Orton tried to beat up Christian. Cody came out and attacked Orton. Sheamus came and cleared the ring and chased Christian to the back. Henry then came out to attack Orton and hit the World's Strongest Slam. Henry went to get a chair, but when he got back in the ring Orton hit him with an RKO.

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Looks an OKshow, Henry's still a monster after the attack on Khali (whose 'injury' will hopefully keep him off tv), but Orton had to get a shot in somewhere along the line.


Sheamus and Christian is turning into a cracking little feud, I couldn't care less about the Divas right now.


No Daniel Bryan? How much longer can they go without building him?

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Mental giving someone the Swanton bomb as a finish. That's like giving Dolph Ziggler the Stone Cold Stunner or Rock Bottom as a finish, it doesn't really work.


No doubt Fin Martin will hate the all black Sin Cara attire.

Perhaps it was just that springboard senton that Sin Cara's been doing lately usually followed by a lionsault.

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