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Randy Orton candid interview on Cena, Kelly Kelly and The Rock

The Natural

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Dunno if I'd agree with all of that as such; I mean, yes, they're an idiot for seeing it as being "stolen" from them, but it's not unreasonable to get upset that they're missing out on Mania - it's a huge fucking chunk of money to be letting go.

Yes, but they're on a hiding to nothing blaming another performer for stealing their spot. They shouldn't be such an interchangeable bland non-entity who can so easily be left off the card for another performer. This doesn't apply to CM Punk, of course, and neither does this:


Exactly. And applying the 'size of payoff vs length of contract vs work done to help the WWE' formula, you'd think they'd be more pissed off about Snooki and her $250k cartwheels than The fucking Rock.

Because Punk is someone who's guaranteed a match at WrestleMania as long as he's in WWE. Snooki didn't bump him off the card. His issue was The Rock walking into the main event spot next year. Which is just as stupid as Melina/Ted DiBiase/Goldust/whoever blaming the Snookis and Mayweathers of the world for knocking them off the card. WWE has nothing else that could warrant the WrestleMania main event over Rock vs Cena. It's mad if Punk the person (rather than Punk the TV character) doesn't realise that.

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