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OPWO Scorn 2: The Rebirth Of OPWO


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4 Way Elimination Match for OPWO WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP Hannah and Holly - The Blossom Twins! vs.?


FSW CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH FSW Superstar Dave Rayne vs. A Mystery Opponent


"The Psychotic Warrior" Johnny Phere vs. Kristoffer Travis


OPWO Championship Match "The Star Attraction" Mark Haskins vs. Marty Scurll


"The Pigman" Andy Hogg vs. Super Valo


8 Man Tag Match:Lord Graham Thomas & TBA vs. Davey Blaze & D-Mac vs. "The Original Sin" Jim Brooks & Corey E vs. Joey Starr & Denym


Bhangra Knights vs. "Textbook" Dave Breaks & Bam Bam Barton


Eddie Reyes vs. Kid Fite


'The Persian Prince' Benham Ali vs. Owen Phoenix


MVK Valkabious vs. TBA


Tickets Adult -

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To be fair, I'd go to that card. CJ Hunter vs. MVK? Scurll vs. Haskins? Andy Hogg? Phere vs. Travis? Of course, knowing OPWO, it will probably have about 20 people at it.

Don't be generous. I've seen videos of the first show ;-)

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Ok will do !


I read a status a few days back and they have a new owner I THINK a women called Shannon Hedges ?

Probably his other half. When Sprules was getting some flak here after his first round of OPWO shows, there was something dramatic going on between he and his other half at the time. So dramatic I can't remember any of the specifics.

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Eleven matches?! That's just way too much for most shows, I can see the crowd getting burned out even if the matches are really good.


I thought the same but I would expect a couple matches maybe turned into tag matches or squash matches !

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