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CZWs Nick Gage gets 5 years in prison

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Saw this on pwinsider.com. Couldn't find the original thread.


Combat Zone Wrestling star Nicholas "Nick Gage" Wilson was sentenced this morning to five years in prison in the State Superior Court of Camden, New Jersey after having plead guilty to one second-degree count of bank robbery. Gage will not eligible for parole until serving 85% of that sentence, according to the Camden Prosecutor's Office.

Gage will also be responsible for paying restitution of $3,095 to the PNC Bank branch in Collingswood, NJ that he robbed as well as $150 in lost wages to the bank teller, who later left her position with the branch after the robbery.


In court, Gage was forthcoming about his addiction to painkillers and acknowledged that the time would serve him well in getting himself healthy, according to the Prosecutor's office.


Gage turned himself in shortly after his photo was publicly disseminated by the authorities. Prosecutors noted that they received calls from a number of wrestling fans that recognized Gage from his exploits in CZW.


In an interview after he was taken into custody, Gage spoke of his painkiller addiction, but noted he did not blame it on his professional wrestling career.


The local media was in court covering the sentencing, so it's likely the story will make the Philadelphia newscasts this evening.

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