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Anyone have the table Cricket game? That ruled.


Yeah, that was pretty decent actually. Far better than Subbuteo or Scalectrix.

The best one was this:




Damn fine game.


Thats the one. Quality.


Great fun. Although my 9 year old brain didn't think to write on the scoresheets in Pencil and not Biro, so it was fucked after about 5 games.

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Hello all from a newbie!


Just wanted to say thanks for looking at my blog. Bit of a random subject for you wrestling fans, but hopefully its brought back a few memories?


I had that cricket game; it was awesome!


Anyway, just wanted to say thankyou all for looking at my blog.

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Although it obviously doesn't replace the original, there is a Subbuteo video game available for the Nintendo DS. It's a fuckin' hard game to master, probably harder than the real deal.


I wasn't a rich kid, but I my parents managed to acquire for me a Hornby Train-set, Scalextric, Test Match and Subbuteo although I think the train-set and Subbuteo was second-hand. Unfortunately, I didn't have a shed, attic, or room to put them all in so they were all a bit shit.

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