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GPW: "Live & Let Die" March 4th, Monaco Ballroom, Wigan

Mr. Noble

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After an awesome start to the year earlier this month when 245 people crammed in to see us come Back With A Bang, Grand Pro Wrestling will be back with our second show of 2011 on March 4th and this one will be big!


On March 4th at The Monaco Ballroom, Wigan, GPW present "Live & Let Die". With all 3 GPW titles on the line, a Double Main Event, the return of Mikey Whiplash, the next phase in the North West Rookie League, DDL's first title defence, and an all round mouth watering card this will be the best

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Just over a week to go before we found out who lives and who dies at GPW: "Live & Let Die"! The second show of 2011.


Second show on the way and second blog now online. Part 2 of the Back With A Bang show. Find out more about the panic backstage before the bell rang, what goes into the naming of a wresler, what should've happened, a quick trip down memory lane and much more a http://www.gpwblog.postrous.com


And the hits keep on coming, we've got a new Twitter account, so add us, follow us and tweet all about us at http://www.twitter.com/grandpro


Tickets are going fast for this event, so don't waste any time and get yours booked now! Otherwise you could end up like some of our customer from Back With A Bang and not have a seat!

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That was the original plan, but each blog is pretty time consuming and basically - i've not had chance.


However, as you may have noticed over the last several months, there are stories from previous years creeping in and i'll continue to do that with future blogs until I find enough time to tackle some of the craziness of 2003 - 2009!


15 V-I-P places left, these are expected to go quickly this coming week, so get your tickets for "Live & Let Die" now!

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Days away to GPW: "Live and Let Die" and we're nearly all out of VIP places, so if you want quick entry and preferential seating, get in touch now!


We've nearly caught up on our DVD backlog, the first ever DVD release of a UK Torneo Cibernetico will be available on Friday from our "Only The Strong 2011" show in October last year, as well as "Guts & Glory" from November. We'll be back on track next month with "Back With A Bang 2011" and this coming Friday's show available for purchase.


We're having massive problems with the server at the online GPW shop, it will be back up and running, but could take a couple of weeks before it's fully fuctional. In the meantime, email gpwrichardnoble@yahoo.co.uk or PM me to order any of our impressive back catalogue and i'll update you when the site is working again. Sorry for any inconvenience.


To get you all ready for Friday (as if you needed the excuse!) the third and final part of our Back With A Bang 2011 blog is now online! Read about what happened to take this show from being nearly flawless to being riddled with backstage runs ins and problems! Read now at: http://www.gpwblog.posterous.com/


And Twitters, get onto Twitter and start to follow us at http://www.twitter.com/grandpro for some of the best words in 140 characters or less plus LIVE show news and results!


Friday! Who Lives? Who Dies?

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The V-I-P list is now closed for tomorrow night! They must've heard the show is going to be fantastic! However, general admission still available.


So, remind yourself of the card, 2 Main Events, 3 titles on the line and Mikey Whiplash back in GPW! Here's a run down. All you need to now is make plans to be in Hindley tomorrow night!














North West Rookie League: Challenge 2


Six Man Tag: Walker, Kraze & Carter vs. Kirby, Holmes & Roberts



If you're unlucky enough not to be going tomorrow night, fret not - you can get LIVE updates, news, and results by following us on Twitter, http://www.twitter.com/grandpro

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Some upates from this one...


7.50pm: "Jack Gallagher beat Danny Hope clean with a dynamite kid-style diving headbutt. Solid opener, which the crowd was hot for."


8.05pm: "Prof Holmes, Martin Kirby & Dylan Roberts beat Cameron Kraze, Jiggy Walker & Fox Carter in a decent, fast-paced tag, Dylan pinning Jiggy with a Randy Savage elbow."


8.07pm: "Also, the ring resembles somewhat of a CRATER. In other words, it's FUCKED. Unplanned interval, YAAAY~! Crowd is standing room only."


8.29pm: "THE BIN MAN~~~ bt some little dude in Pentagon mask (Pentagoncito?) in the NWRL, following up a MASSIVE SPEAR with an Orange Crush. Started off the drizzling shits like last month but ended up FUCKING AWESOME. BIN MAN is new Monaco Ballroom hero, crowd were massively into him by end. It just WORKED."


8.48pm: "DDL bt William Gaylord with a Diamond Dust to retain Heavyweight title. Really good, slow building dramatic title match. After, Alan Tasker brings out Cyanide as Damon's next threat. Cyanide kills DDL, dead, to prove his point..."


9.25pm: "Paradise Lost beat Bailey/RJM to retain tag titles when Miss NorthWest turned on RJM, hitting him with handbag. Not very good but crowd was into turn at end"


9.51pm: "Zack Diamond beat Mikey Whiplash with a frog splash to retain British Title. Once again, Zack's match steals the show. A brilliant bout. Crows was slow into it, since Whippy was unknown and it was face vs face, but were absolutely rocking by end."


9.55pm: Big Benny HG wins sweets in the raffle... again....!


10.17pm: "Joey Hayes & El Ligero beat Bubblegum & Dirk Feelgood, Joey using Dirk's cast on 'Gum behind downed ref's back. Again, really, really good. Masterplan vs GPW roster brawl to end an awesome, awesome show. It's Hayes, Ligs, Kirby and DYLAN ROBERTS vs Masterplan in an elimination tag headlining next show!

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In nearly 8 years of running consistent shows, last Friday was probably our best ever...?


What an absolutely awesome night! A fantastic turn out, breaking the 300 barrier which gave us the loudest crowd i've ever known at any British wrestling show, and certainly in the Balllroom. It all made for an incredible atmosphere from the first bell, right to the last and I think everyone involved in the show is still on a high now!


Big thanks to all who attended and making the night so memorable, we're back on SATURDAY April 9th for a Survivor Series spectacular and with FutureShock 50 in Stockport the following night, a wrestling weekend in the North Of England never looked better!


A warning... DVD's from "Live & Let Die" are going to fly off the shelves! So be ready with your

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Great review! Cheers!


It certainly felt like one of, if not the best GPW show we've ever done. They'll be a blog all about what happened in the lead up, during and after the show in the next 10 days or so and an announcement about our next event on SATURDAY April 9th!


Just to clear up this NWRL thing though...


North-West Rookie League
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