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XXXtreme Britannia Wrestling Show

Dingo Warrior

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Thought that I would give this new promotion a shot and it took me 1 Hour 15mins to get there.


The venue was the Shaw Memorial Hall in Gillingham Kent.


They were using a six sided ring which was interesting.


Now on to the matches


The Assassins (Alex Young and Conrad Bird) and Janey B vs. 'Essex Boi' Danny Jonez, Soarin' Sam, and Jordan E


The only wrestler I recognized was Janey B who I saw at Pro Wrestling Eve.


As for the match well Janey B was absolutely fine but the others looked quite green, looked as though they needed more ring work.


Vipers Pit: DM Morelli issues an open challenge!


Ok match but was primarily used to set up an angle between DM and The Sherriff who was playing a commissioner type role


Psycho Steve vs. Deacon Frost (with 'The Jackal' Izumi Clarke)


Now I remember Psycho Steve from NWA Hammerlock back in the day.


Never heard of Deacon Frost(Playing Heal) but him and Steve had a good match ending with Steve delivering an inverted piledriver for the win.


Hugh Mungus vs. Jakob the Butcher (with Jonathan Judge)


Jakob the Butcher resembled a skinny version of Abyss and Hugh Mungus resembled a poor man

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