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Mike Castle

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Right, I can't be the only bugger here modding games (Hell, I need to play some too, then you can all work out I'm crap at playing it and tell me to mod them instead :p), so to that end, anyone wishing to mod their own game reply to this thread. I'll keep the first post updated regular with a list of games that are due to be run. This way we don't have multiple people trying to run their own games, and essentially cluttering the forum up with a ton of mafia games at once if people decide to run their own, and we have a nice set order to run them in.


Currently running:



Street Fighter Mafia - bristep123

Marvel Mafia - Snake Plissken

U-Pick - Mike Castle

Insomnia Mafia - Ron Simmons

Death Note Mafia - Chris_Stone

Reservoir Dogs - Teedy Kay



BritARSE Mafia - Carbomb

Mafington Crescent - Carbomb

Take Your Pick Mafia - Mike Castle

Gregory Horror Show Mafia - Mike Castle

Ghostbusters Mafia - Snake Plissken

WCW '92 Mafia - Snake Plissken

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Well post when you're up for it my good man. Hopefully we'll have a few people running games (different modding styles then too), though ideals lets keep this thread nice and simple to flick through for who's running what.


As a side note, remember it doesn't necessarily have to be themed, it can be as basic as "7 vanilla townies and 2 goons" just to get a feel for modding the thing.

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I can do a nine-man one, which will have one of these setups:


◘ 1 Mafia Goon, 1 Mafia Roleblocker, 1 Sane Cop, 1 Sane Doctor, 5 Townies

♣ 2 Mafia Goons, 1 Sane Doctor, 6 Townies

♫ 2 Mafia Goons, 1 Sane Cop, 6 Townies

♪ 1 Mafia Goon, 1 Mafia Roleblocker, 7 Townies


Shamelessly stolen from the F11 setup on the mafia wiki. So yeah, I can run that-anyone who wants in that game as well as your game should be allowed. Maybe.

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Well the point of this is to have it run in a list, so after my two mini's are up, we move to the next person in the list, then after that game to the next etc. so we don't have a ton run at once. So I'll mark you as next in the list if you want.

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