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Biggest Anticlimax of 2009


Biggest Anticlimax of 2009?  

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WM25 was the drizzling shits, but absolutely nothing will touch Shane McMahon murdering Legacy by himself the night after the Rumble. An unbelievable mistake and a disastrous idea all over. Hopefully somebody here will post the gif of Shane's shitty punches too. That sums it all up.

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As much as the post-Mania booking was the pits, I had to vote for Christian's return.


It was the equivilent of finding out that your long time friend is coming back from his 4 year, round-the-world trip. You and the lads all meet in the local to welcome him back, only for him to walk in, nod at you and just go "alright" before he walks to the other side of the room.

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