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Worst Wrestler of 2008


Worst Wrestler of 2008?  

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Nulled my vote, because I can't decide who's the shittest out of all of them because I mainly fast forward most of there matches and only watch abit of ECW and TNA. The Great Khali although a shit wrestler is really entertaining in my opinion, more so for his car crash tv appeal, but I don't mind this comedy esque route he is going down now, and he is getting over so didnt wan't to vote for him.


Is this award based on actual wrestling ability, or the full package? Because I wasn't sure I didn't vote for Henry or Koslov.

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I went for Mark Henry, despite the fact most other nominees are actually worse than him.


McCool, Khan, & Khali shouldn't be anywhere near a wrestling ring, but Mark Henry is now considered a wrestling veteran.


He's been in the big league for over 12 years now, has received numerous pushes - but is still bloody awful.

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