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  1. Then why send him out there in attire that is basically a mirror image of what the Steiner's wore? Edit - Steiner-Decliner
  2. When I saw the MMA/Boxing RIP thread had been bumped I honestly thought Vitor had killed Holyfield last night. What a sad state that was. Has Tito ever been clean clocked like that before? I only recall him being shelled up but never being sparked cold. This Anderson Silva retirement tour is too much fun. The Jake Paul fight would be great but Paul is far too smart to get into the ring with Anderson. Watch him call out Tito.
  3. Going back a few pages but there were plenty of people speculating that if Jericho lost to MJF he'd go back to WWE. What was the thought process behind this? Quite a few people were suggesting it but it seems totally left field and barmy to me.
  4. I've only dipped my toe into AEW a few times, but I've watched that end segment from All Out about 5 times. Its just perfect. Bringing out Cole was a nice surprise but I'm sure a few felt dissapointed it wasn't BD, only to lose their shit moments later. Turning Cole and having him side with the Elite and having Danielson as the babyface to challenge them took nothing away from either guys debut and made everyone look big time in the process. Wonderful stuff. I have faith that despite the shiny new toys, Hangman will still be the one to take the belt off Omega. AEW seems to want to do things right, so I can't see them tossing Woody to the side because Buzzlight year showed up.
  5. If Adam Cole never removes that leather jacket to unvail his noodle arms I will abide him.
  6. It was on YouTube man and I have no idea what it was called. Was a few years ago now sorry.
  7. It must have been filmed during that Takeover then because that was verbatim.
  8. These very words were uttered by some fan in an indy wrestling doc I saw a while back. Bit of a coincidence.
  9. Fond memories of the DJ Kat show, Games World and The Fun factory on Saturday mornings, DJ Cat show was also my entry into rollerblading. I entered a competition to win Summerslam 92 tickets and ended up 3rd place. I won a Demolition Axe Hasbro and a pair of Rollerblades. Great days.
  10. That really felt special. I'm beyond lapsed but that gave me a feeling I haven't experienced in about 2 decades. When it's good, it's fucking great.
  11. Red Dead Redemption 2's 'Unshaken' fully incapsulates the feel of the last few hours of the story. So good.
  12. The 70% tax thing is bollocks really. I'm no expert on US tax but isn't the highest rate in the USA less than 40% after allowances etc? Again that's not just a flat 40%, it'll go up progressively depending on the income. Also, the double taxation stuff when someone fights abroad can be messy as fuck, but generally you'd only have to pay one lot of tax upto your normal rate from the country you live in, so if you do get stung twice you'd generally be able to correct that and claim it back when your tax return is completed. There would be ways of mitigating this from happening along the way also.
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