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  1. They sort of showed bits of last week's with different matches, the main event was LA Park Vs Sami Callihan I don't think that was the main event last week but I could be wrong.
  2. Best thing to do is have Charlotte beat Becky for the Raw Women's title just before the shake up, then swap Charlotte for Sasha and you can have a newly turned Sasha Banks Vs Becky Lynch for Smackdown title, Charlotte Vs Bayley for the Raw Womens title.
  3. Are these Vice documentaries going to be on the Vice channel as I searched on my Sky tv guide earlier but couldn't find anything for the next few days on there.
  4. In case you didn't know MLW is now airing on Freesports. They are showing bits of their Battle Riot event tonight at 10pm and also starting every Monday at 10pm they are showing MLW Fusion tv show.
  5. Just watching the opening match and the crowd go crazy cos of something happening in the crowd, any idea what that was ?
  6. I want Undisputed Era to invade Raw after Mania and attack Rollins if Rollins is the champ by then and then have Cole win the Universal title and keep the belt to Summerslam or something similar.
  7. Just clicked on the video but said it was unavailable, shame.
  8. Don't know if its been mentioned but the Women's Tripple Threat is now a Winner Takes All match so looks like Becky is likely to be on Raw and Smackdown full time moving forward for a while.
  9. Surely Sanity Vs The War Raiders would of been better, I mean we have already seen Sanity Vs Undisputed Era already.
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