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  1. On 5/27/2020 at 11:45 AM, The King of Old School said:

    Has interest in Raw ever been so low on this forum?

    I left BT Sport on after the earlier Bundesliga match, which was followed by an episode of Raw.

    Goodness me, surely nobody actually enjoys this shit right?

  2. 11 minutes ago, simonworden said:

    Last night I was talking with colleagues and one girl from the US mentioned her friend had dated a wrestler back in California, she couldn't remember the full name but said it was likely Joey and I followed it up with Ryan being that she's from PWG's area and of course it was. 

    She must have taken a few flips back in the day then.

  3. On 5/21/2020 at 9:50 PM, GeronimoJacksBeard said:


    That warped way of thinking from that moronic post earlier in the thread i just can't get my head around. How anyone can look at Martha - not backing down and fighting a big company all the way to get some measure of justice for Owen, all the while bringing up two kids on her own to be seemingly well rounded people, going into and making success of careers and living their lives away from wrestling and then look at Benoits kid, his situation and mindset now. How anyone can look at both set of circumstances, condemn the former and feel good about the latter because David Benoit is still completely attached to and obsessed with wrestling. What in the fuck.

    The kids were 7 and 3 at the time. Man. I was unaware of that until i watched this. All the respect in the world to Martha for how she handled things, frankly.

    This kind of mindset is the worst part of wrestling fandom and makes it a bit embarssing to be associated with at times. 

    The lot that embarass themselves and go way OTT in their defence of wrestling when someone will use a throwaway comment that its fake etc is bad enough. But nothing winds me up or perplexes me more than those who continue to desperately search for caveats and reasons to excuse/or deflect any of the blame from Chris Benoit simply because he was such a  boring cunt who'd never draw good technical wrestler and appealed to them.

    I've wasted time having arguments on Facebook with weird bastards who simply can't separate their obsessive fandom and what they see on TV, with real life and general human decency.

    It may well be that because wrestling has been looked down upon for so long that some develop a siege mentality, but as you said, its mind boggling how some aspects of it can be defended and, indeed, must be defended because someone from the outside world is being rightfully critical.

    In fairness it does happen in other walks of life, e.g how Liverpool fans leapt to the defence of Suarez when he was criticised of racism, but it happens too much in wrestling for my liking and its no wonder why so many would prefer it remains as underground as possible and out of the mainstream.


  4. While AEW isn't perfect, the show has been entertaining enough to keep me watching on a semi-regular basis which is quite an achievement in 2020 tbh. I haven't watched any of the PPV's mind, but am happy enough watching the weekly stuff on ITV4.

    What I like about it most it, pre-Coronavirus of course, is that the show has that big time feel to it. It has enough big names and held in such sized arenas that it feels major league in a way where I can happily discard of the WWE altogether without feeling that I'm missing out on anything substantial.

    Even when TNA was in its pomp, the size of the Impact Zone immediately stood out and looked a bit bush league if you were used to watching RAW every week. AEW doesn't feel like a step down in terms of production etc, and is also willing to take more risks and chances with the TV presentation in a way that the WWE has doggedly refused to over recent years, much to the chargrin of many fans.

    Still feel that many of the matches are too spotty and tag matches, in particular, look way too phoney to be taken seriously. But other than that, its turned out much better than I initially hoped.

    But notwithstanding that, the crowds at the arenas are inherently less annoying than I'd anticipated and while some dislike the commentary, I quite like the reassuring and homely tones of Jim Ross and Schiavone.

    Plus, most storylines don't make me feel like my intelligence is being insulted as opposed to what's being presented on the other side more often than not.

  5. For selfish reasons I hope that Hulk Hogan never wrestles again as it means I was in attendance for his last recorded match (6 man tag at a TNA house show in Manchester, complete with red trackie bottoms).



  6. On 5/19/2020 at 2:28 PM, Tamura said:

    When wrestlers in a singles match apply an abdominal stretch and use the ring rope for supposed added leverage, it's like the laws of physics don't exist.

    Don't get me started on that 90's spot of the wrestler inside the ring tugging on the top rope while his opponent was stood on the ring apron while also holding the rope, causing him to somehow flip over into the ring.

    In a more modern annoyance, there is way too much of the crowd of wrestlers standing around for ages and waiting to catch a wrestler taking a big bump onto them.


    1 hour ago, Gay as FOOK said:

     It's not everyone's bag, but there's a huge reason it's one of the handful of best eras ever. It's got a lot to do with the fact that they suddenly pulled their head out of their arses and decided to try and get as much of America watching as possible, regardless of how much they liked the wrestling bits. Curiously it resulted in some of the best times ever for wrestling fans.

    Addressing an earlier point on match quality being shit, one of the reasons why most Raw episodes of the time are so easy to watch is because many of the TV matches were two mins long.

    The Pay Per View and select big matches stick out because they were different to what was being presented on TV every week.

    Yes they had stopped using jobbers due to the ratings war, but most matches were a vehicle to move a storyline on. There wasn't a mindset that every match has to be a technical 20 min wrestling clinic for no real reason at all.

    I won't deny that certain stuff has aged terribly. But at a time when people's attention spans are shorter than they even were back then, I firmly believe that wrestling has no interest at all in becoming popular to the masses ever again if it thinks that longer matches and appealing to a certain hardcore demographic (who admittedly will spend more of their income than casuals) is the way forward.

    We're living in a time where media is being consumed in condensed formats and short video clips like never before. They could easily have every wrestler involved in some kind of angle or storyline if they wanted, instead of a string of meaningless but technically sound matches.

    While the more bawdy elements wouldn't work in 2020, the basic formula would.

  8. Based on some of the images of "questionable" social distancing observed during VE Day street parties, imagine the Daily Mail's uproar has it been a load of Muslims outside a Mosque or something?

    Obviously fine as long as its the "right kind" of celebration.

    Personally, I think that any celebrations are in bad taste during this time, no matter how many feet they are away from each other.

    Edit: I stand corrected, its the BBC's fault. https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1280013/BBC-news-coronavirus-social-distancing-ignored-ve-day-celebrations

  9. Where I live, Aldi/Lidl are the best for this by far and its relatively quiet. The ASDA is atrocious and while I obviously understand why, walking around a supermarket where everyone is wearing face masks freaks me out no end.

    From a Welsh point of view, I am disgusted by the UK Gov't briefing and the coverage plastered across the papers this morning, not only for the triumphism but the lack of regard for areas outside of London. There is accepted evidence that parts of rural north Wales (where I live) has yet to hit its own peak, yet its being plastered across everywhere that the lockdown is essentially over.

    Sadly there is no Welsh press to speak of, but even if we had one, the hoardes of holidaymakers from Merseyside and Lancashire wouldn't see it anyway, and are going to arrive here in droves despite the Welsh Government being well within its rights to maintain our lockdown for as long as it sees fit.

  10. I'm not anti-war by conviction, as there are times when its justified, but anything that glorifies the military or puts it on a pedestal winds me up no end. There's been a creeping in of American-style hero worship over the past few years, which is about as much bollocks as religion.

    In fairness the whole British nationalist jingoism that has hijacked such occasions goes against my political persuasions anyway, so I'll be ignoring the whole thing. This is not Remembrance Sunday, which is a different matter altogether (although also sadly hijacked).

  11. 1 hour ago, Bellenda Carlisle said:

    I hope at least some non wrestling fans are watching these. They're fantastic if you know the stuff but I think they're accessible, well made and interesting enough for the Netflix documentary type crowd too. They're certainly the highlight of the week for me, although that's no great compliment at the moment.

    I've been watching most of these in the living room while the mrs was sat there and she's enjoyed most of them, despite generally thinking that wrestling is just ridiculous. I think most of them deliver a genuinely interesting story, especially the Benoit one.

    That said, she does love murder documentaries, so if I stop posting on here for a while then you know my fate.

  12. My mate just sent me this, what I'm sure is a poster from one of Orig Williams' old "Tribute to the WWF" shows that used to be held almost nightly across the north Wales coast (and everywhere else) over the summer.

    I watched way more of these than I'd happily admit.



  13. If its half as good as the trailer suggests then this will be great.

    Its one of the things with wrestling isn't it, how due to its choreography it allows wrestlers to continue performing well past their prime.

    In a real, competitive sport its quite evident when its time to hang up the boots, you lose that yard of pace, you can't hack the training etc. But with wrestling you can cover and compensate for your opponent so much that the lines are often blurred, especially if you only perform part time or are a special attraction like the Undertaker.

  14. 15 minutes ago, PowerButchi said:

    Here he is putting 200 people in the 20000 MGM grand for a live TV special, and he's completely off his tits


    They could at least have done something about the swathes of empty seats from the third row back of the side facing the hard camera though! 

  15. 14 minutes ago, IANdrewDiceClay said:

    Was it someones sick joke to give Mongo the tombstone as a finish? A man known for fucking up the most basic of things, like walking, and they allow him to spike people on their heads? Madness.

    Only WCW could have allowed something like that, which is probably why I'm so nostalgic for a time when everything wasn't perfect and had no pretence of being so.

    Its remarkable that despite being part of Turner/Time Warner and what should be a corporate entity from head to toe, so much shit fell through the cracks. 

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