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  1. On 6/9/2020 at 7:42 AM, SaitoRyo said:

    2-0 Orton. 

    Why is seemingly every single wrestler obsessed with "busting their asses," these days? It sounds like 2004 Ring of Honor on steroids, having stripped out all of the fun out of wrestling. 

    (Actually, on second thoughts, no steroids).

    Give me Kevin Nash making everything look effortless and being a cool as fuck in the process any day of the week.

    Randy Orton's suddenly going up in my estimation though.

  2. I never actually considered Papa Lazarou to be a black man tbh, he even had white hands didn't he? I can only speak for myself but wasn't he meant to be a dark clown of some sort?

    Anyway, what annoys me more than anything is just how knee-jerk everything is at the moment, with no room for any nuance whatsoever.

    Everything smacks of a corporate PR manoeuvre rather than carrying out a general conversation on what is genuinely a very important issue.

    As others have said, simply brushing everything potentially racist/offensive under the carpet and pretending it never existed helps no-one in the long run, and will simply be forgotten about when the news cycle moves on in a couple of days.

    I admit that I've never believed that protection from being offended by anything to be a basic human right,  and guffaw at a lot of stand-up comedy that many people would no doubt be appalled by.

    But at the end of the day, anything potentially offensive in any of the shows taken off Netflix were just as offensive (to some) last week as they are now.

    I may be cynical, but just taking the programmes off altogether is the digital equivalent of Britain First types protecting a bunch of statues.


  3. He'd be a world champion now, but as you said, that doesn't mean he should have been world champion when he was active.

    As a child I remember watching a match of his against Hogan and just thought he had no chance due to his size.  Not really a good attribute to be taken seriously as a top level heel in the 80s and 90s, although he would be normal sized nowadays.

    IMO his position was perfect (pardon the pun) and his slot on the card was no disgrace during such a popular time for the industry.

    It can be argued that considering the time he was active, it is as much an achievement to become such an everlasting and well remembered character as it is to become a world champion during leaner times for the business. Jinder Mahal has got a world championship under his belt, but in reality who will be remembered in the annals of time?

    I often hear similar revisionist history with Razor Ramon, who has retrospectively somehow become a main event talent during his WWF run. In reality, like Mr P, he was a solid midcard/upper midcard wrestler who went on to stumble across a main event calibre gimmick in WCW.

  4. The supposed importance of the Undertaker's streak has never really made any sense.

    If the Undertaker had remained undefeated for 21 years, then that's a proper streak. But this was essentially an accident of history and they didn't even notice until around WM 19 or so.

    Remaining undefeated on one particular ppv, although very well marketed, isn't all that when you think about it.

  5. 5 hours ago, SuperBacon said:

    More podcast chat (as literally no one seems to give a shit that football is back soon, and quite rightly), today the first episode of Vincera which covers Italia 90 was released, and whilst the tournament has been spoken about and written about to death (it's quite frankly overkill sometimes), the host Mark Godfrey (who used to run The Football Pink, which was an excellent fanzine) is very good, and the guests Pete Davies, Simon Hart and Adam Hurrey are all incredibly knowledgeable about the tournament.

    Just listened to the preview episode. Thanks for the tip, this is exactly the kind of shite that I love.

  6. 13 minutes ago, Carbomb said:

    Yes, and that vignette remains my favourite wrestling promo video ever. It's incredible. 

    The storyline itself was brilliant in its sheer simplicity - one guy obsessed with getting a rematch at the very next WM, something that I don't think they'd done before, and that could've gone south if it hadn't been played so well. It was the perfect ending for HBK's career, especially for what it led to with HHH; it's a shame it didn't stay that way. 

    Echo that definitely.

    I think that was the last WWE storyline that got me truly engaged in the product tbh. Scary to think that a whole decade has passed now.

  7. 1 hour ago, LaGoosh said:

    Anyone else find this whole Drake Maverick thing a bit sickening? Not a knock on Drake, more how WWE have exploited it. And now they've had their "feel good moment" do you think they'll actually do anything with him? No chance.

    Everything with that lot is a PR exercise. Says nothing for the other releases who took their firings quietly.

    Still, they’ve given him Ric Flair’s crying gimmick at least.

  8. 18 minutes ago, IANdrewDiceClay said:

    Jericho did call a muslim film festival host a "hajji faggot" on stage in 2009 when he interupted him, so he's got form. Its amazing nobody ever talks about that. And by amazing, I obviously mean "he's a dirt sheet source, they barely reported the details of it."

    That and appealing to the 'right' demographic/type of fan.

  9. Yes, but only to a degree. And I'm a hypocrite for it.

    I say that as I can watch a Hulk Hogan match or promo with the wide eyes of a 10 year old me and pretty much forget that he's, as Alan Partridge said, "a bit racist". Same with most stars of the 80's and early 90's that I hold such fondness for, purely due to nostalgia.

    On the other hand, for any wrestlers that came afterwards and don't mean anything to me, I'm much more critical.

    Nothing annoys me more than when someone even tries to deflect any blame from Chris Benoit for killing his family. The fact that some sad, hardcore wrestling-obsessed bellends even consider him to be hall of fame worthy drives me insane. 

    What he did was terrible, but I'd be lying if at least a tiny part of that stems from the fact that I never really enjoyed his work and saw him as a posterboy for a type of product that considered his like to be main event calibre, which just isn't for me. Its stuff which has (IMO) laid the groundwork for what I view as the massive deterioration of wrestling over the last 20 years. 

    So consciously or not, I had a built-in bias against him even before his heinous and indefensible crimes.

    Its the same with AJ Styles, who obviously has some weird right wing and religious views and is a bit of a flat earther isn't he?

    But as I said, hypocritically, I'm sure some of my heroes from my youth have said and done worse things than AJ Styles which I'd rather just forget about and watch Summerslam 88 in peace.


  10. 18 hours ago, The British Bushwacker said:

    i reckon it'll be stinky old Zack Ryder , or Jack Rider as they'll probably call him

    Notwithstanding that the forum's gimmick is to pretend its still 2016 and "TNA" is on its complete arse and not meeting payroll, but did they ever actually bring in someone under a variance of their previously used name? Its an old joke that "PM DUNK is in the Impact Zone Taz!" but not sure what its actually based on.

  11. On 6/2/2020 at 10:48 AM, Astro Hollywood said:

    The whole fucking country was looted from the natives. Museums filled with 'artifacts' from other countries, black neighbourhoods ploughed to rubble to make room for another Starbucks, where police are beating and murdering the descendents of people who were looted from Africa. Yeah, opportunism.

    I can't help but look at the United States as a country that's so full of smoke and mirrors that its unreal.

    I'm generalising here, but when you have a huge chunk of the population educated to be culturally unaware of what's going on outside of its borders, its able to hoodwink a chunk of its populace that they enjoy these mythical freedoms not available elsewhere, so can masquerade as a free, modern democracy.

    In fact its essentially ruled by an oligarchic elite, prepared to do whatever is needed to protect this ultra capitalism at all costs. 

    I can't watch a vox pop asking what people think of "socialised medicine" or an NRA spokesman without becoming very angry.

  12. 1 hour ago, tiger_rick said:

    It's a bloody treasure trove. Mongo's selling is incredible. Just the best worst ever. But this is a genius spot.


    Actually, its an interesting twist on the usual "stand there like a twat and be smacked over the head." At least he tried to protect himself I suppose! 

  13. 1. Hogan was never going to even consider showing up on AEW anyway.

    2. The rabid AEW fanbase are the type who have pre-conceived ideas about Hogan purposely holding down all their smaller favourites and will whitewash his successes and popularity because he doesn't fit their narrative of what wrestling/a wrestler should be.

    Still, what an empty, hypocritical and virtue signalling act if there ever was one.

  14. On 5/29/2020 at 4:58 PM, PowerButchi said:

    Stop being a doughnut euro 2016 belgium GIF by nss sports


    I was right behind the goal to witness that. It felt like I was watching in slow motion at the time.

    Mad to think that just an hour before kick-off I was still in the EuroTunnel and fearing I'd miss it all. The land speed records my mate hit in his Corsa which allowed us to reach Lille just in time for kick-off is quite scary looking back.

    Best summer of my life, no exaggeration. 

    (Not quite such a clever dick four years on and trying to sort out refunds for my flights to Azerbaijan mind).

  15. (I can't believe that someone mentioned Kathy Burke in 2020 ffs)

    Emma Walford from Priodas Pum Mil (Welsh reality show about weddings) is probably approaching vintage bintage teritorry by now.



    Always been quite a fan of Behnaz Akhgar who does the weather for the 6:30pm Welsh news. (Am always disappointed when her alternative, Derek Brockway pops up).



  16. I raised this out in another thread recently, but Steve "Mongo" McMichael was always a favourite of mine in late 90's WCW.

    I know little and care less about American Football but I just loved how he stuck out like a sore thumb, couldn't speak very well and was really clumsy in the ring, even in those mostly pre-internet times when I had no real access to the opinion of others. In essence, he was shit.

    I suspect in hindsight, due to my total lack of interest in workrate and how crisp wrestlers are in the ring, the fact he was so different to everyone else was pretty refreshing and a bit of a laugh.

    Either that or his kick ass theme music.


  17. No idea how much truth there is to this report, but I've never liked the look of buckle bombs as it seems to impact and whiplash the neck too much, in comparison to its actual worth.


    I have never stepped in a wrestling ring in my life so will bow to the superior knowledge of those that have, but I'm not keen on the increase of high impact moves on the neck that has crept into mainstream north American wrestling over the past 20 years in general. Even a few German Suplexes in a row look pretty nasty and quite unnecessary to me.

    I find the old punch kick style much safer and easier to watch that the current one, which is ironic as the lifestyle and industry itself is probably safer in every other conceivable way.

    So yeah, are there are moves that make you wince and would rather were thrown into Room 101 altogether?

  18. On 5/27/2020 at 11:45 AM, The King of Old School said:

    Has interest in Raw ever been so low on this forum?

    I left BT Sport on after the earlier Bundesliga match, which was followed by an episode of Raw.

    Goodness me, surely nobody actually enjoys this shit right?

  19. 11 minutes ago, simonworden said:

    Last night I was talking with colleagues and one girl from the US mentioned her friend had dated a wrestler back in California, she couldn't remember the full name but said it was likely Joey and I followed it up with Ryan being that she's from PWG's area and of course it was. 

    She must have taken a few flips back in the day then.

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