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  1. Don't ask me why, but to me Roman Reigns (the character at least) lost all credibility when I found out they have a little piece of sponge/padding on the floor of the entrance ramp that he can punch as part of his signature pose. For some reason I found that to be hilarious and tragic as fuck at the same time.

    Why the fuck would anyone even bother?!



  2. Working from home, does anyone else feel that their productivity levels are way down since the lockdown came in? 

    Having been used to working from home more often than not pre-lockdown, I didn't expect it to be that different but am really feeling it now!

    I used to go to the office for a day, maybe two a week, which is when I'd dedicate to trawling through long documents and agendas or making lots of calls etc. 

    But now I don't have that luxury and an environment of people working around me and people to bounce ideas off, even once a week, I must say that its a struggle to concentrate sometimes without getting distracted way too easily (hence being on here right now!).

  3. On 1/31/2020 at 6:15 PM, Hannibal Scorch said:

    One of the things I struggle with is plans. The best example I have is Saturday is the day I normally am at home with the kids while the wife works. She’ll tell me when she’s coming back. If she comes back at a different time then what she told me I find it a massive annoyance when all it means is an extra 30 minutes of family time. But it’s because in my head I’ve worked out what time things are going to happen/be done, and that changes those plans. I know it’s stupid

    To be honest I'm the same. I can't cope at all with people cancelling plans willy nilly. If I commit to something, then its happening. The fact that some people have no problems in cancelling something or changing plans at the last minute, for no real good reason, infuriates me much more than it should really.

    The Mrs has always been convinced that I'm on the low end of the spectrum too, although not in a way that would affect my social life or work in any way. My Dad has pretty similar traits so it could well be nurture, but my main issue is how I will delve in a bit too deep into a subject for a few days before getting completely sick of it and moving on to something else. 

    My (horrendous) musical habits, for example, consist of me hearing a song and listening to it almost ad-nauseum on repeat until I get sick of it, and moving to another one. I won't listen to the album or anything, just a particular song.

    Its the same with hobbies. I may not watch any Wrestling at all for a good 3-4 weeks, until something sparks me off and then I'll spend my downtime doing nothing but reading up about wrestling and catching up on podcasts until I get bored, before moving on to something else again, like old World Cups etc. 

    I once watched Dances with Wolves and spent a good 2-3 nights just reading up about Native Americans on Wikipedia. It was the same last year when all the Apollo 11 celebrations were going on.

    Its never reached the socially awkward stage and doesn't affect my day to day life, having always prioritised going out and doing social stuff. But always wondered if it was just a quirk of my character or something else, not that it particularly matters by now. 



  4. I'm not quite at the giving up stage yet, but am definitely being more choosy with what Conrad episodes I'll listen to, and have to be in the mood. The quality was always going to drop off when Prichard returned to the WWE, though, and am amazed he's still bothering with it tbh.

    The Jim Ross show is so much better than it has any right to be really and is much more enjoyable than Prichards' as he tends to be more open and free to slate the McMahons etc without fear of recrimination.

    There is no chance, especially with not making any long journeys in the car right now, that I can listen to even a quarter of the podcasts I have saved up so will listen to whatever covers a topic/time period that I'm into and ignore obscure PPVs or wrestlers that are a bit too modern for my tastes (which terrifyingly is anything within the last 18 years pretty much :/ ).

  5. Just now, Supremo said:

    I hate that Survivor Series clip because for as much as it clearly means to him the commentators still have to spend the entire time taking the piss. You’d hope in death he finally gets the respect he deserved. The voice of millions of childhoods. They’ve never had anyone else even come close.

    That's the culture in WWE and always has been. If Vince takes the piss out of you, this works its way down so that the minnions start joining in once they see it as being acceptable and working into McMahon's good graces.

    Seriously, that fucking company sometimes.

  6. Oh shit, that's gutting.

    Only just heard the sad news, but its hit me more than most wrestlers' deaths. 

    THE ring announcer, no one else even comes close. Seemed like such a lovely bloke who had so many hats, always jovial despite being the butt of McMahon's 'jokes'.


    EDIT - So much nostalgia listening to the Fink explaining the Royal Rumble rules


  7. 28 minutes ago, BomberPat said:

    Even if this happened in ordinary times, I'd be wary if I were in AEW's shoes. I can see Cody et al probably want to hire everyone they can, because a lot of them will be their mates and they don't want them out of a livelihood, but while you can get a lot of kudos for hiring someone and being able to say, "WWE never saw this person's potential, we'll let them reach it", it's a fine line between that and picking up every WWE cast-off you can get your hands on. 

    TBH AEW's roster is already too big and can't feature what it has on TV as it is. 

    You'd have to think that ROH, Impact and the NWA would be looking at some of these names, budgets allowing.

  8. 53 minutes ago, tiger_rick said:

    This sort of narrative is horseshit. Brock Lesnar was trending last night for similar reasons. The Saudis are paying them tens of millions annually to get people like Goldberg on their shows. The TV deals pay hundreds of millions for stars like Brock Lesnar. They're worth every penny and their price tag reflects that.

    This is a slimey move with shitty timing but it's fuck all to do with other necessary business decisions or other stars.

    It would be nice if WWE had offered everyone the chance to take pay cuts to save jobs or something as they've done with execs. But this is where the contractor status affects them again. They're not employees. They're expendable and contractually easy to drop. Unless they ever do anything about that, they'll always be subject to the environment. 

    There’s a certain portion of the current fanbase that hate seeing the part timers at all, usually turning up and running roughshod over their favourites and fucking off again. 

    I can half understand it if you’re too young to remember them in their pomp and consider the current lot to be stars in any way, shape or form. 

    But they’re going to take a pop against Goldberg etc either way.

    Its comparing apples and oranges though, and attacking the wrong target in this case.

    Goldberg, Tyson Fury etc were investments for the Saudi shows which bring in substantial income of their own (as morally questionable as that may be), way and above what they were paid. 

    With the best will in the world, the released wrestlers were and never are going to fill those roles and fulfill nostalgia pops for anyone.

    Their shitty treatment is a different kettle of fish altogether.

  9. 5 minutes ago, DEF said:

    I'm very glad he did because it puts a proper human face to utter cuntness of that fucking company.

    I'm usually the first to roll my eyes at those who take wrestling too seriously or kiss the WWE's arse too much. But emotions are going to run high during uncertain times, not least living in a foreign country and not knowing where the next pay cheque is coming from. Its perfectly understandable in my book.

  10. 6 minutes ago, 5pints said:

    I'm going to get a lot of hate for this but... Fuck Spud! He walked out on TNA right after they sorted out his work visa.

    That was a poor show in itself, but not sure that justifies being happy to see a bloke so upset over losing his job though. TNA was a total shitshow when he left, I can't really blame anyone for jumping ship at the time. He'd been demoted to being a ring announcer and was served with a pay cut.

    He probably worked for fuck all for a portion of his time there anyway.

    As I said in another thread though, this whole situation may well end up having less of an impact on Impact (boom boom) than most companies, given how little it depends on ticket sales and PPV buys.

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