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[NOMINATIONS] Funniest Moment of 2004


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Previous Winners:

2002 Winner: Booker t & Goldust

2003 Winner: Steiner falling off the apron


This is where to cast your nominations for Funniest Moment of 2004. The moments with the most nominations will then be put in the final poll for Funniest Moment of 2004, where the UKFF will decide the winner.


PLEASE NOTE: These are NOMINATIONS ONLY. The moments with the most nominations will be put in a shortlist, which will be a maximum of ten, and the final poll will be formed on this board at a later date.


People SHOULD nominate moments that have already been nominated, otherwise it may not make the shortlist. The idea is the most popular moments go through.


Voting ends on Thursday 16th December.


If you have any questions, please use the Official Questions Thread to make it easier for me to tally the nominations.



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Guest rapper/part time hitman

jonny storm vs colt cabanajonny gets down on his hands and knees and shouts "lets go amateur baby"possibly the funniest thing i have ever heard

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