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Bellator 268 - Grand Prix Semi-Finals (Oct 16th)

Egg Shen

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Bellator returns to round out its Light Heavyweight Grand Prix.

Cant help but feel the buzz has died down now that Romero and Johnson are out of it but it rolls on.

Nemkov/Anglickas is a strange one, Anglickas getting fortunate with the alternate spot and being gifted a World Title shot. He's 3-0 in Bellator but i know very little about him other than that.

Bader/Anderson isnt exactly screaming 'must see' but the old saying goes that if two wrestling fight they end up banging it out on the feet. Who knows? the bookies favour Anderson but this a tossup for me.

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  • Egg Shen changed the title to Bellator 268 - Grand Prix Semi-Finals (Oct 16th)

I must be one of the few fans who doesn't find that kind of win all that impressive. I'd have been more impressed if he'd won via KO in the 2nd round after a bit of back & forth.

A win like he got means he managed to clip Bader early, which is more luck than anything else. It's still a win, mind, but not as impressive in my view than if he'd went a few rounds, took what Bader had to offer, then won.

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i know what you mean, ive always felt that way about Anderson Silva's win over Vitor Belfort.

The best example is Cain Velasquez/JDS though isnt it? Cain got sparked in the first fight but by the end of the 3rd fight there was no doubt who the better fighter was.

Still, heck of a win for Anderson, and in a tournament setting about as flawless victory as you can get.

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