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Bellator 265 - Kongo vs. Kharitonov (20th August)

Egg Shen

who wins  

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Main Card:

Cheick Kongo vs. Sergei Kharitonov

Jay-Jay Wilson vs. Adam Borics

Keith Lee vs. Jornel Lugo

Kevin Tiller vs. Marcelo Golm

Logan Storley vs. Dante Shiro


Taylor Johnson vs. Fabio Aguiar

Mike Hamel vs. Bryce Logan

Kevin Childs vs. Bayley Shoenfelder

Archie Colgan vs. CJ Randall

Jeff Nielsen vs. Kory Moegenberg

Deven Fisher vs. Duane Johnson

Baby Slice vs. Cody Lincoln

A couple of veteran heavyweights gonna bang it out in the main event...though more likely that Kongo will push Kharitonov against the cage and grind out a decision. Im weirdly intrigued by this though, and will always have a soft spot for Sergei.

 Rest of the main card is full of the new breed Bellator fighters.

Jay-Jay Wilson/Adam Borics is a great fight. Wilson has come from nowhere to become a prospect to watch, super aggressive submission fighter, and Borics was tipped as the next big thing before getting derailed in the Featherweight GP. 

Logan Storley comes back after the close loss to Amosov. If Storley wins we could very well see Amosov/Storley II next. I know nothing about the guy he's fighting.



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speaking of Sergei, id never heard of this. Back late last year he was sucker punched by former UFC fighter Adam Yandiev in Russia. Apparently there were brass knucks involved and it messed up Sergei quite badly.



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Yandiev was a weird one. Came into the UFC unbeaten, fought once, lost, then nothing for ages, then just got sacked. I remember he was scheduled to fight on a big card a while back, pretty sure it was the undercard for Khabib’s fight with Poirier, and I got curious about Yandiev and found this article. Links to Kadyrov, allegations of match fixing, family rivalries and shootings, the lot;


So it doesn’t really surprise me to hear he’s throwing cheap shots with knuckle dusters. Doubt he’d have had much luck against Big Sergei in a fair fight. 

Anyway, sorry to derail your thread. Kongo vs Kharitonov is a fight straight out of 2008, isn’t it? I quite like Kongo himself but in the cage he’s rotten so I hope Sergei clatters him quick before he can make it a snoozefest.


2 hours ago, Egg Shen said:

Duane Johnson


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Russian MMA is a shady place.

Yeh, as far as older fighters go, Sergei is one of the ones i still have most time for. He's only 40 but in fighting years he's ancient.

He'll go in and throw down with anyone, boxing, mma or kickboxing, the man doesn't care. Absolute warrior.

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this is whats left:


Getting feelings of TJ "Beef Plant" Jones from Billy Swanson who steps in late.

Also, Logan Storley is 1/33 to win his fight. That may be the biggest favorite ive ever seen in an MMA fight.

Good ol' Bellator.


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Well, Kongo & Kharitonov tore up the script. Probably the most entertaining Kongo fight since he went to Bellator. Not great, but this was fun sloppy, veteran, heavyweight MMA

Nice to see Kongo show us that he did have standup background, hes basically become a wrestler in recent years, but he duked it out here. Sergei got too comfortable if anything here and was winning until getting clobbered with a right hand, Kongo took over from there. Good stuff.

The other notable moment outside of Jornel Lugo looking awesome against Keith Lee was Logan Storley having all he could handle with massive underdog Dante Schiro. Storley lost this fight everywhere outside of having the ability to hold Schiro down. Storley got the decision but it made me come away wanting to see Schiro fight again with a full camp.

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