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350 Days - The Movie

Arthur B. Funky

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A great account, from some superstars of the wrestling business, & an indictment of the same.  Jimmy Snuka appears to have a safari park at his house, BTW.

Thoroughly recommended though ... the associate producer of "The Wrestler" is also the associate producer of this project.

Anyone else seen it?

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I have seen it and really enjoyed it.

I did not learn a great deal from the documentary, but it gives a good insight into a different era of Pro Wrestling, if you are unfamiliar with it's history.

How Superstar Billy Graham has lived so long is beyond me! Scary health issues.

It does seem to be a very honest account of life on the road, well as honest as it can be when you are listening to a load of carny old duffers bragging about sex/drugs/riots etc. :D

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