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Tony Ferguson domestic violence / mental health


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As discussed in the megathread, I personally think things as newsworthy and interesting as Ferguson's current situation deserves a bit of separation from the usual minor news:

Anyway, to quote a David post:


Tony Ferguson appears to be in good spirits following the recent turmoil in his life.

The UFC lightweight star shared a message on Instagram on Saturday, thanking the fans and the UFC for supporting him and his family in the wake of his wife Cristina filing a temporary restraining order against him earlier this week citing allegations of domestic violence.

“Thank you all for the great support!” Ferguson wrote. “I’m in a great spirits, UFC & Management are helping me find the help we need. I’m getting all of your messages, keep em’ coming!!! Thank you very much for the kind words, my family & team appreciates it. Lots of Love my Social Media Fam, keep the Faith couldn’t do this sh-- without you- Champ Batting Clean Up.”

As mentioned, Ferguson is lucky he's got himself a partner that was strong enough to not only get help for herself (and children) but realise Ferguson was in a terrible situation, and probably too proud to get the help.

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I was actually thinking about this on my way home today, and it crossed my mind to consider if Conor is going through something similar.

He catches a lot of shit (much of it from me on this forum) but is he maybe a victim of his own success to a degree? I was listening to an interview with someone who knows him, and they were talking about this latest situation with the guy who had the phone, and they mentioned that virtually every time he leaves his house he has people filming him.

Now, none of this excuses him of any criminal acts, and if there's any truth to rumours of rape or assault there's absolutely zero excuse for that, but is maybe a lot of his erratic behaviour down to him being thrust from being a relative nobody who was claiming unemployment benefits in Ireland just over five years ago to him being an international superstar worth tens of millions of dollars?

Who knows? Maybe he's always been a scumbag beneath the surface (which is what I still believe if I'm honest), but maybe he's been thrown into a position that someone from his background would find tough to deal with?

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The Conor story, as it's currently unfolding, is not a new one. Someone with nothing suddenly has everything they ever wanted; how do you cope? You look at the two Tyson's, for example, and see similar patterns Conor is going down. You just hope he either gets a grip or some people have a word before he goes full Mike Tyson - and given some of the allegations, it may be too late. The truth is anyone that gets seduced by the solipsism that comes with fame usually always needs to have an almighty downfall to humble their ego. Again, using the Tyson(s) example, it took bankruptcy, the loss of his one talent and drug addiction before Mike Tyson was humbled enough to get a grip, while Tyson Fury had everything he ever wanted and it turned out it didn't matter as he battled with a ton of controversy which led to crippling mental health issues and trying to drink, eat and drug his pain away before he sunk so low as to come out a better, more admirable man.

You just hope Conor and Tony get help before they go fully down the sort of path those two went down. Although, it looks like Tony was in a really terrible place before his wife had to get help.

Wand's post about those Conor IG videos (which I also remember) are really sad. The thing with fighting, as well, is how one handles defeat on such a grand scale. If you already have an unhealthy ego, getting handled the way Conor did at the hands of Khabib must mess you up.

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