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The UKFF British and Irish Hall of Fame Class of 2019


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Alfred Hayes




From: London

Year of Induction: 2019

Life Span: 1928-2005

Career Began: 1950s

Mini Biography: English Wrestler, wrestled as Judo Al Hayes. Wrestled in UK from 1950s-1970s before relocating to America. Defeated NWA World Heavyweight Champion Dory Funk Jr but decision was reversed. After retirement became a manager before becoming a backstage interviewer, host and commentator for the WWF during the 1980s boom period. Became the first British Wrestler inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Was previously a UKFF Hall of Fame finalist in 2018.

Why We Voted For Them: For most of us who voted for Alfred Hayes it was due to his post in ring career where he became a part of so many of our childhoods as part of the WWF during the 80s boom period where he is tied to so many iconic moments.



Dave Taylor


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From: Yorkshire

Year of Induction: 2019

Life Span: 1957-

Career Began: 1978

Mini Biography: English wrestler, made his debut in 1978. After joining All Star made his first World of Sport television appearance in 1987. Defeated Fit Finlay for the All-Star British Heavyweight Title in 1991 holding the title until 1993. Reclaimed the title following a tournament win in 1995. 2x CWA Tag Team Champion. Signed with WCW in 1995 where he formed the Blue Bloods stable with Steven Regal and Bobby Eaton. Worked as a trainer in Ohio Valley Wrestling for WWE. Became an onscreen talent for WWE in 2006 often challenging for the tag titles with Regal. Was previously a finalist in 2018.

Why We Voted For Them: One of the earliest British wrestlers to make the transition to working full time in the United States when he signed with WCW in 1995. Promoted the British style overseas when the majority of eyes on British wrestling had disappeared.


Drew McDonald

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From: Perth, Scotland

Year of Induction: 2019

Life Span: 1955-2014

Career Began: 1980

Mini Biography:  Scottish wrestler, Began working in England in 1984 for Joint Promotions becoming a main stay on the World of Sport show feuding with Big Daddy. After World of Sport continued to wrestle across the UK for promotions such as All Star (where he won the British Heavyweight title) and FWA (where he won the tag team titles.) Wrestled well into the 2010s. Was previously a finalist in 2017 & 2018

Why We Voted For Them: One of the main men who kept the British Wrestling ship stirring during its dark days was the premier heel on the scene for many years. Could easily be called the Giant Haystacks of his era


Jody Fleisch

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From: London

Year of Induction: 2019

Life Span: 1980-

Career Began: 1996

Mini Biography: Made his debut for NWA UK Hammerlock aged 16. Wrestled for Michinoku Pro Wrestling as Dakko Chan. Won the FWA King of England tournament which aired on Bravo. Won the FWA British Heavyweight title in the main event of the first British Uprising show. Wrestled for ROH and CZW in the United States. Influential in evolving British Wrestling from the World of Sport era. Recently had a non speaking role in the film Fighting With My Family Previously a finalist in 2017 & 2018

Why We Voted For Them: One of the true pioneers in the evolution of British Wrestling was one of the figure heads that led the charge to pull British Wrestling out of the status quo and into a new era.


Les Kellett

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From: Bradford

Year of Induction: 2019

Life Span: 1915-2002

Career Began: 1940s

Mini Biography: English wrestler. Began wrestling in 1938. Resumed his career following the war. Nominated for ITV Sports Personality of the Year. Known for his comedy tactics in the ring but also his genuine toughness. One of the most popular stars of the World of Sport era. Wrestled into his sixties. Selected to train Jimmy Saville for the ring was previously a finalist in 2018

Why We Voted For Them: In a time of tights and boots Kellett stood out from the pack due to his revolutionary style that put entertainment to the forefront. Arguably the most entertaining wrestler of the World of Sport era.


Pat Roach

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From: Birmingham

Year of Induction: 2019

Life Span: 1937-2004

Career Began: 1960

Mini Biography: English wrestler. Made his debut in 1960. Won the British Heavyweight title and European Heavyweight title on two occasions. Outside of his wrestling career Roach was known for his acting when he landed a featured role in the TV show Auf Wiedersehen Pet which turned him babyface to the wrestling crowds after years of working heel. He also made an impact in film starring in many Stanley Kubrick projects as well as the Indiana Jones films. Previously a finalist in 2017 & 2018

Why We Voted For Them: Was a household name not just for this ring prowess but also his exploits outside the ring. Perhaps the most successful British wrestler to ever make the transition from the ring to film and television.  


Ricky Knight

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From: Norwich

Year of Induction: 2019

Life Span: 1953

Career Began: 1980s

Mini Biography: English wrestler and promoter. Owner of wrestling promotion WAW. Made his debut in 1985. Held All-Star’s British Heavyweight title and five times British Tag Team champion. Also held heavyweight titles in HEW, Premier Promotions, RDW, W3L and own promotion WAW. Created a wrestling dynasty with wife Sweet Saraya and children Roy and Zak Knight and WWE’s Paige. Portrayed by Nick Frost in Fighting With My Family. Was previously a finalist in 2017 & 2018

Why We Voted For Them: The head of British Wrestling’s most famous family whose life has been adapted for the big screen in Fighting With My Family. One of the promoters who kept British wrestling ticking in its dark days.


Sue Brittain

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From: Leeds

Year of Induction: 2019

Life Span: 1937-2013

Career Began: 1970s

Mini Biography: English Wrestling. Known as the first Lady of British Wrestling. Took the Greater London Council to court to remove the ban on Women’s wrestling in public, winning the case opening up the floodgates for wrestlers such as Mitzi Mueller and Klondyke Kate. Held the British Wrestling Alliance almost exclusively from 1970 until her retirement in 1982 having only lost it for 10 days during this period. Death in 2013 was reported upon by multiple news outlets including the BBC who called her the Emmeline Pankhurst of British Wrestling.

Why We Voted For Them: A forgotten name in the history of British Wrestling but an important one who stood up for the rights of women to compete and blazed a trail for those who followed

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