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The Miz 2009


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I remember Miz calling out John Cena and eventually becoming WWE Champion and headlining that WrestleMania where The Rock came back. But the details weren't in my head so I went back and watched some of it starting with the Raw where Miz is drafted and calls out John Cena. The promo is on YouTube along with a couple of follow ups like Miz dressing like Cena and doing a really lame rap. I remember some neckbeards being ino Miz at the time but it was never for me. Don't get me wrong, some of his promos aren't bad but he just looks dreadful. His gear in this video is amongst the worst I've ever seen. His ugly, pouty face and shitty purple hair just add to the overall look of a complete non-star. I have no idea who watched this and thought this was the way to go.

Miz did become a very good heel and a far better worker after his fall from grace and subsequent revival but he's shockingly bad here. On some of the other promos, he's wearing a terrible hat too. Dear god.

This whole video is like a time machine. Taking me back to a period I've completely erased. Cena kissing Donald Trump's arse. A PPV called The Bash which I've never heard of (and where Cena beats Miz easily). I watched the Raw after The Bash and Vinny Mac has "bought WWE back from Trump" (funny sign that I've capped below the vid) leading to the whole guest host period that completely turned me off.

Thoughts on the Miz and this period from the time or with hindsight?



p.s. Vinny Mac looked great. Good tan, nice jacket and superb mic work. He'd age terribly the next 6 or so years.


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Miz, at the time of his Wrestlemania match with Cena, was enormously out of his depth, with the odd glimmer of greatness. Which is pretty much the position he'd be in for another five years or so.

What he was really starting to demonstrate was that he had a rare ability to get anyone over - it was around this time that he made people give a shit about Alex Riley, and had people invested in Jerry Lawler potentially winning the WWE Title. He was in the late '90s Triple H/Foley spot of being the guy to work with the real stars, but never the star himself, but his real strength seemed to be in (albeit temporarily) lifting people up from the midcard to relevance, not being a punching bag for the bigger boys.

These days, with the right booking behind it, I'd buy The Miz as a Wrestlemania main eventer. I'd buy him sharing ring time with The Rock. At the time, he felt like a kid trying to play with his older brother's mates - it felt like you could have slotted anyone into his spot and it wouldn't have mattered, it was a means to an end to get to The Rock and Cena. 

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