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Has anyone ever done this before? Me and my friend are trying to get something arranged for next Summer, as I know a few friends have been before and loved it. Trying to find somewhere that visits some of them out of the way countries in Europe, such as Estonia and Latvia as opposed to your typical selection of France, Italy etc.

We found this offer, which looks tempting. All travel and accommodation included, as even though it's probably cheaper to do that yourselves, with it being my first potential time traveling I'd rather not have to worry about booking and keeping track of each little aspect.


If anyone has any advice, recommendations or experiences they'd like to share - fire away!

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Only interrailed once from Amsterdam to Hannover last year. Used a company called Railbookers. www.railbookers.comĀ 

Mine was only a few stays in a hotel to see a gig, but they do international rail tours as well.Ā 

Don't want to sound like an advert for them, but another option if you wish to have a look. I'll check out that euroventures site as I want to go somewhere next year as well.Ā 

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