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The UKFF British and Irish Hall of Fame Class of 2018


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Adrian Street & Miss Linda



From: Brecknockshire

Year of Induction: 2018

Life Span: 1940-

Career Began: 1957

Mini Biography: Welsh Wrestler, known for his outlandish effeminate gimmick which would inspire the likes of Goldust and Rico. Won titles in the United Kingdom and United States. Won Wrestling Observer’s Best Gimmick in 1986. Miss Linda was an important part of the act adding to the ambiguity of the character. She is recognised as one of Wrestling’s first female valets. Was Previously a Hall of Fame Finalist in 2017

Why We Voted For Them: In a world of hard men, Adrian Street wasn’t afraid to be different. Took the effeminate gimmick populised by men such as Gorgeous George and took it to a new level. The picture of him posing in full gimmick outside a Welsh mine is one of wrestling’s very best


Billy Robinson


From: Manchester

Year of Induction: 2018

Life Span: 1938-2014 (75)

Career Began: 1950

Mini Biography: Held the British Heavyweight and European Heavyweight title simultaneously. In 1970 Robinson moved to the United States where he began wrestling for the AWA holding the AWA British Empire title three times and AWA World Tag titles on two occasions. Also found success in Japan winning titles in AJPW. Was previously  a finalist for the Hall of Fame in 2017 

Why We Voted For Him:  One of the genuine hardmen of wrestling. One of the top stars of AWA when the company was one of America’s biggest territories. Still talked about in Japan as one of the greatest gaijins to ever grace the rings of the Orient


Doug Williams


From: Reading

Year of Induction: 2018

Life Span: 1972-

Career Began: 1993

Mini Biography: started wrestling with NWA UK Hammerlock aged 19. 2 time FWA British Heavyweight Champion. One of the first wrestlers to tour the United States in many years wrestling for ROH. Where he won the ROH Pure Championship. Signed with TNA in 2009 where he would win the company’s Television titles, X-Division Titles and Tag Team titles. Also found success in Japan. Was previously a finalist for the Hall of Fame in 2017

Why We Voted For Him: British Wrestling’s living legend! One of the wave of guys who bought eyes back to the UK scene in the early 2000s and the most influential of the bunch. Travelled to America winning championships when it looked like the only path to do so was through WWE which was an opportunity so few got.


Fit Finlay


From: Belfast

Year of Induction: 2018

Life Span: 1958-

Career Began: 1974

Mini Biography: Began wrestling in 1974 as a fill in for a no-show wrestler in Ireland. Began wrestling in England in 1978. Won the British Middle Heavyweight title 4 times and All Stars British Heavyweight Title. Signed with WCW in 1995 where he won the Television title and became the company’s first Hardcore Champion. Signed with WWF as an agent but came out of the retirement winning the WWE United States title. Was previously a finalist fot the Hall of Fame in 2017

Why We Voted For Him: One of the greatest middleweights the UK scene has ever seen it was only inevitable that he would make his way to the United States where he has found success in front of the camera and behind it


Jack Dale & Les Martin


From: ?

Year of Induction: 2018

Life Span: ?

Career Began:  1920s

Mini Biography: Jack Dale was one of the top middleweights in the country. Held the European Middleweight title. Together with wrestler Les Martin formed Dale Martin Promotions. Together they became the principal architects of post war British Wrestling. Became British Wrestling’s most influential promotions. Without Dale Martin Promotions there would be no Joint Promotions. Without Joint Promotions there would be no World of Sport. Was previously a finalist for the Hall of Fame in 2017

Why We Voted For Them: Kept British Wrestling going following the war years and created the foundations of the UK scene for many years to come


Jackie Pallo


From: London

Year of Induction: 2018

Life Span: 1926-2006 (80)

Career Began: 1940s

Mini Biography:  Known as Mr. TV. One of the first big stars of the World of Sport era. Had 11 year long battle with Mick McManus. Held the British Heavyweight title in 1969. Revealed the inner secrets of Wrestling in his biography. Mainstream appeal led to appearances in pantomime, The Avengers and Are You Being Served? Was previously a finalist for the Hall of Fame in 2017

Why We Voted For Him: Should have been a first year inductee. Jackie Pallo was one of the countries most famous names and one of the biggest draws both on television and at the live gate


Johnny Saint


From: Failsworth

Year of Induction: 2018

Life Span: 1941-

Career Began: 1958

Mini Biography: Made his in ring debut in 1958. Joined Joint Promotions in the 1960s. Unique wrestling style kept him popular when promoters were turning to more flamboyant wrestlers. Multi time World Lightweight Champion. After the end of World of Sport travelled the world working in Africa and Japan. Retired in 1999-2007 upon his return found he was in demand due to a new generation of wrestler citing him as an inspiration Was previously a finalist for the Hall of Fame in 2017

Why We Voted For Him: British wrestling’s Technical Wizard before Zack Sabre Jr was even a twinkle in Zack Sabre Sr’s eye. His influence is still felt in so many wrestler’s styles today.


Klondyke Kate


From: Stoke on Trent

Year of Induction: 2018

Life Span: 1962-

Career Began: 1977

Mini Biography: English wrestler, started in the 1977. Worked in Nigeria aged just 16. Toured Japan and USA. Chosen to wrestle Mitzi Mueller in her final match. Changed the perception of pretty women wrestling. One of the few female wrestlers to gain notoriety during the World of Sport era. Only wrestled men on World of Sport. Was Previously a Hall of Fame Finalist in 2017

Why We Voted For Her: A trailblazer for women wrestling. Was wresting men long before the likes of Chyna was doing so in the United States. Looks like she would kick your arse too


Marty Jones


From: Oldham

Year of Induction: 2018

Life Span: 1953-

Career Began: 1972-

Mini Biography: English wrestler, made his debut in 1972 aged 18. Beat Mark Rocco to win the vacant British Light Heavyweight Championship which he vacated after 6 years undefeated. Also beat Rocco for the British Heavy Middleweight title. Beat Bobby Gaetano for the World Middleweight title a title he would hold 7 times. Toured NJPW where he shared the ring with Hulk Hogan, Antonio Inoki and Andre The Giant. Won the British Heavyweight title in 1996. Retired that same year. Was Previously a Hall of Fame Finalist in 2017

Why We Voted For Him: A wrestler who succeeded in multiple weight classes. One of the first to wave the British flag in Japanese rings


Max Crabtree


From: Halifax

Year of Induction: 2018

Life Span: ?

Career Began: ?

Mini Biography: English wrestler/Promoter. Took over Joint Promotions in 1975. Created a boom period in British wrestling with the creation of the Big Daddy gimmick for his brother Shirley. Promotor for the majority of the World of Sport TV shows. Company would go into decline when many stars jumped to All-Star due to the overexposure of Big Daddy. Promotion closed in 1995 two years after Daddy’s retirement.  Was Previously a Hall of Fame Finalist in 2017

Why We Voted For Him: A huge part of arguably British Wrestling’s most successful time - understood how to maximize the appeal of his brother Big Daddy and guided him to be British Wrestling’s biggest star


Robbie Brookside


From: Liverpool

Year of Induction: 2018

Life Span: 1966-

Career Began: 1984

Mini Biography: English wrestler, made his debut in 1984. Formed tag team The Golden Boys with Steve Regal on World of Sport. Won the World Heavy Middleweight title. Formed The Liverpool Lads with Doc Dean winning the British Tag Team titles. Worked for WCW for 6 months. 2x All Star British Heavyweight Champion. 2x European Heavyweight Champion. 2x TWA British Heavyweight Champion, FWA British Heavyweight Champion, RQW British Heavyweight Champion. Current works for WWE as a trainer working with the NXT roster. Was Previously a Hall of Fame Finalist in 2017

 Why We Voted For Him: Its like in the films when you think the guy is dead but then all of a sudden there is a heartbeat. British Wrestling was the guy and Robbie Brookside was the heartbeat. The guy kept British Wrestling going after it was written off as dead




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