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VHS Tapes from all companys for sale


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Its not letting me put in any pictures, anyone that is interested in anything in particular please pm an email address and ill take pictures and send them over to you.

Heres a quick list


Fwa shows

Ecw shows

Roh full shows from 2002 around 7 shows

Wwf including manias, rumbles and comps

Wcw included war games and other ppvs

Ecw ppvs about 10 different shows

Ajpw including goldberg match


Brian pilman memorial 2000 the one with regal vs benoit


5 tape set of best of owen hart


Double tape of best of dyamite kid


Double tape jim cornette shoot over 8 hours

Dragon gate showS

Tna weekly shows about 16 of the individual weeks from 2002

Double tape best of jerry lynn


Double tape best of ultimo dragon

And lots and lotsl of raws and ppvs from mid 2000s on recorded vhs literally 100's of tapes

In total 500 tapes 





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Nah, you're alright then.  Pictures won't tell me what format the videos are in or what generation they are.

Likelihood is then they're almost certainly PAL conversions. Probably 2nd Generation at least on the ECW, ROH, NJPW, Shoot Interviews etc

Video quality won't be a patch on NTSC DVD conversions that are already available (and dirt cheap) through DVD traders.

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