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Wrestling Book Trading

The Reverend

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I have a bunch of Wrestling books I'm finished with. These include Jericho's first, Bill Watts, The History of the NWA, The History of Stampede, Missy Hyatt's, and lots more. Rather than the hassle of listing them on e-bay or amazon I figured I'd see if anyone would like to trade any with me at all. Let me know what you've got.

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I have a few more, but to begin:

A Lions Tale - Chris Jericho

Pain and Passion - Stampede Wrestling History

History of the NWA

The Hardcore Diaries - Mick Foley

Wrestling's Sinking Ship

Main Event - WWF in the 1980s

Hot Shots and High Spots - George Naplitano

30 years of Wrestlemania

50 years of WWE

WWE Encyclopedia - 2nd Edition

The Cowboy and the Cross - Bill Watts

Wrestling's 101 Strangest Matches

Missy Hyatt - First Lady of Wrestling

Superfly - The Jimmy Snuka Story

The Road Warriors - Road Warrior Animal

Walking a Golden Mile - William Regal

There are more which I'll update as I find them.

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