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Pro-Wrestling:EVE WrestleQueendom - AJA KONG, Meiko Satomura, Viper, KLR

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Upcoming EVE events:

May 5 - York Hall, Bethnal Green - WRESTLE QUEENDOM - Limited ringside remaining - EVEwrestling.com

Pro-Wrestling:EVE presents WRESTLE QUEENDOM - Europe's Biggest Ever Women's Wrestling Event, on Saturday night May 5th at the historic York Hall in Bethnal Green, London.


AJA KONG vs "Vixen of Violence" VIPER



Rhia O'Reilly / Emi Sakura / Addy Starr / Laura Di Matteo vs Jayla Dark / Jamie Hayter / Charli Evans / Blue Nikita

Kasey Owens vs Millie McKenzie vs Livvii Grace vs Leah Owens vs Nina Samuels vs Kris Wolf

Nicole Matthews vs Jetta
Special Referee: Erin Angel

Witness it live in person and on iPPV
Tickets -
Order iPPV
@FiteTV here: http://www.fite.tv/v/2nvrh 

In the evenings main event, The ACE of EVE, "Fearless" Charlie Morgan challenges for the Pro-Wrestling:EVE Championship. Will "The Queen of Catch" Sammii Jayne still be holding on the title and marking her one year anniversary as EVE Champion?

In the evenings co-main event, the iconic wrestling hall of famer, AJA KONG makes her first ever European wrestling appearance as she goes one on one with the woman known to WWE fans as Piper Niven, but here in EVE calls herself "The Vixen of Violance" VIPER!

In a first time ever clash that is an international dream match to fans, but is also a match that both women requested for WrestleQueendom, "The Hardcore Daredevil" KAY LEE RAY! goes one on one with MEIKO SATOMURA !

All this plus much more on Saturday night May 5th at this historic event.

Doors open 19:00 and the show starts at 20:00.

Tickets on sale NOW at EVEwrestling.com

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If tickets are still available on the 16th I shall go to this on at least one of the nights. Love the look of the shows. 

e: scratch that, had more money than I thought - night 2 booked! 

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Starting to sound like I might not be able to get the time off work to make the Sunday show, so may end up with a ticket going spare, but will try and make it for Saturday at least!

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Gutted that I couldn't make Sunday, but Saturday night was absolutely fantastic.

EVE might be my favourite promotion in the country right now, they just "get it" so perfectly. A brilliant marriage of promotion and venue, Resistance makes it feel like a very punk, very underground show, and it's small enough to ensure that the audience feel a part of it at all times, no matter where in the building you are - not like some shows where you can feel like you may as well not have bothered showing up if you're not sat in the front row, or on the hard camera side. It feels like you're part of something, which is what indie wrestling's all about, for me.

Booking was great, too - good pacing between comedy, harder hitting midcard matches and a longer, more "epic" main event, so no two matches felt the same and there was a bit of something for everyone, paying to all wrestler's strengths. Good job of using the tournament structure to set up matches for the following show - again, very disappointed I couldn't make that one!

I think anyone in the room who wasn't already a Kris Wolf fan became one, she was absolutely brilliant.

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Sunday was my first time in the resistance gallery, and once I'd found the bloody well hidden thing, I had a blast! 

I wasn't anticipating such an intimate setting for some reason, so once I peeled off some layers and stopped overheating I really enjoyed myself. 

Only knew probably less than half of the talent but loads made a really good first impression. 

Between Windsor v Sakura and the title match for my pick of the night. 

Kris Wolf is really endearing yeah. On the flip side Jinny just looks the type of snob who'd see only your shoes and already dislike you. She could go really far. 


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Ha, took me a few minutes of traipsing up and down Bethnal Green to find it the first time round, too, even though I'd already been told it was just behind the Dundee Arms.

Emi Sakura is absolutely brilliant - just a guarantee of a great match, in my experience. Saturday was my first time seeing Alex Windsor, and she was great - great look, and photogenic as hell too, which counts for a lot!

I'm glad Rhia O'Reilly still put in an appearance - I'm a big fan, and felt gutted for her when she got hurt. Was nice to buy her a drink and have a quick chat after the show. She has an obvious built in return from injury angle now, though, which I'm looking forward to.

Couldn't agree more about Jinny. There's a lot of great stuff going on in the UK scene right now, but one that doesn't get talked about enough is that we're finally starting to see more and more heels who just invite contempt. There's not a single aspect of Jinny's act that makes you want to cheer for her.

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Good to meet you both too!

A pair of awesome shows - I wasn't all that optimistic going in, just because a lot of talent was missing due to being booked in the Mae Young Classic, but absolutely everyone delivered, and EVE as a whole knocked it out of the park. Also, Kate Nash hugged me and I totally didn't freak out about it at all.

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you mean... I had.. the time of my liiiife? And I owe it all to EVE? Alpha Female is class and intimidating as fuck. Was surprised she was there as I assumed WWE snapped her up, heard she got the Cedric Alexander at the CWC thing where the crowd at Mae Young Classic chanted to sign her and then that sly dog Triple H came out and gave the thumbs up.

I was absolutely sloshed for that, no recollection of leaving or getting from Bethnal to Liverpool Street and spent the night stranded outside so only just got home, still worth it and thankfully my memory of the show itself is a lot less hazy. 3 shows in and it's already by far my favourite indie. Best venue and the regulars, a lot of them from the Lucha Britannia school, are super friendly and welcoming, and there's always a doggy too! So glad it's burst the wrestling bubble and getting more and more success. I'm well, well up for that once a month.

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Yeah, bloody great show - not living in England now, it takes a lot to get me to come over for a show, and EVE are the only promotion that have ever got to the point of convincing me to come over for every show regardless.

There's not another company in the country that could convince me to book a hotel and flights, get over to London for a day and a half, all with less than a week's notice and without a single match or talent announced.

Alpha was a massive surprise, and fantastic to see her - first time in a few years for me, and she's something special now, even more than she was then; she just has a presence that so few can match, and can be genuinely terrifying just with a look.


Can't agree more about the atmosphere and people and everything either; pretty much every EVE show I've been to has been on my own, and always end up chatting with people there, and have actually made some good friends out of it now. It helps that it's such an intimate venue, as it's pretty much impossible not to end up talking to someone. First time I've been asked to dog-sit at a wrestling show, too!

Genuinely gutted I can't make the September show, even with nothing at all announced, and hoping I can get the time off work to make October. Not going to miss the She-1 weekender for the world. Easily my favourite promotion in the country right now, for so many reasons.

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Cheers for the kind words, peeps :-)

To those that haven't checked out EVE yet, EVE returns on FRIDAY SEPT 8 and there's less than 40 tickets remaining. 

Tickets available at EVEwrestling.com

Here's a few articles about EVE



New York Times: 



The Independent:

Refinery 29:


Huffington Post:


Pink News: 

EVE Show reel:
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