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*OPEN TO OFFERS* DVD's & Blu-Ray's for Sale


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Updated 19th May:


Davey Richards - The American Wolf
Women of Honor


Complete 1995 Nitro Blu-Ray (Not Network Version) *Discs in Sleeve*


Complete 1999 Smackdown Blu-Ray (Not Network Version) *Discs in Sleeve* 

BJW - Best of Ryuji Ito

Shimmer Volume 33


Noah European Navigation 2008 Night 1

Noah European Navigation 2008 Night 2

Noah European Navigation 2011 Night 1
Noah European Navigation 2011 Night 2


Dragon Gate - Open The German Gate 2010


Dragon Gate UK Shows all but the 2014 Events *LOOKING TO SELL AS A SET*


Mark Haskins in Japan (Dragon Gate)

PCW - Festive Fury 2012 (Blu-Ray)

PCW - Road to Glory 2013 Night 1 (Blu-Ray)

PCW - Road to Glory 2013 Night 2 *DAVE RAYNE 18+ COMMENTARY VERSION* (Blu-Ray)


Final Resolution 2005
Hard Justice 2005
Bound For Glory 2005
Turning Point 2005

Fight Club
Will Not Die
First Anniversary Show
No Turning Back Night 1
Know Your Enemy 2007 Night 1
Fight Club 4
All or Nothing Night 2

Dead End 12 (2012)
Broken Rulz 5 (2005)
16 Carat Gold 2011 Night 2
True Colors 2011


Open to offers, PM for more info.

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