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HELP!: Want to insert proper TV theme over DVD theme on OFFICIAL D

Perfect Hitman

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OK, basically I have an official Season 4 DVD of STILL GAME.


The problem is, they have edited the original theme from TV and have used a crappy replacement --- I'm guessing due to copyright that they haven't used the original.


Basically I want to use the episode on the official DVD because they have the best video quality but I want to have the original theme edited over the replacement theme on the DVD, both at the opening titles and at the end of each episode.


Is anyone good with stuff like this that could do it for me? Obviously I would pay for the work involved.


I have TV Rips of the episodes with the original themes if that would help to take the audio from? The video of them is not as good as the official DVD which is why I want the official DVD quality episodes.


Here's the 2 different themes to show what I mean.





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Fuck I have been rewatching a lot of still game lately amd never thought that the DVD/ Netflix theme wasn't the original



I'd just let it go mate

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