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Alternative Candidates for Title Changes/Runs

Liam O'Rourke

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I've submitted this post before on a similar subject, but its always niggled at me, that Owen Hart should have been the transitional champ at Survivor Series 1994. He would have been much better fodder to have lost it to Diesel the next night on Raw and actually have a re-match at the next PPV. Owen vs Diesel at the 1995 Rumble, would have left Bret Hart free to add to much needed star power in the rumble match itself and Diesel could have benefitted from facing a hot heel in his first defence rather than literally the only person more popular than him.


Plus Owen was a fantastic character throughout 1994 and would not have been out of place being a former world champion in the New Generation. It could have given him much more credibility throughout 1995-1996.



Owen could easily have beaten Bret for the title at Survivor Series and had a decent showing against Diesel at the Royal Rumble of 1995 before dropping the title to Diesel on one of the RAWs to bring about that 'must watch' feeling to RAW in early 1995. Backlund was the anti new-generation champion, I cannot understand where Vince's mindset was when he had that match made between Bret and Backlund at the SS. A hideous match in hindsight. 

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I want to thank everybody for the contributions, we got to read many of them on the show, which is now available at the following link:


Join us as we discuss title reigns that should have been and alternative candidates for title changes that did happen! Covering as wide a scope of potential changes as you, the loyal listeners, threw our way, we talk about whether Owen Hart should have got the WWF title in 1994, who should have ended John Cena's U.S. Title Open Challenges, whether CM Punk should have held the WWE Title until WrestleMania 29, if and when Lex Luger and Vader should have had various World Title runs, if the WWE missed out on lightning in a bottle with RVD in 2001, Christian in 2005 and Jeff Hardy in 2008, as well as tons of other potential runs in WWE, WCW, ECW and ROH all talked about. A fun show this week, check it out!

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