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Fifa UT


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So,my stepson was buying fifa coins and has managed to get our accounts suspended. Tbf he bought 200k worth and they wont reinstate the accounts... was wondering if anyone knows how to get round this and get back online

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I've never played FIFA. What are "coins" and why is buying them a banning offence?

Ultimate Team is an online mode on FIFA where you can buy packs which consist of players, you can then sell them on.


You basically build your own team and play with it online against other players.


EA Sports have banned coin buyers since FIFA 15 because people use a website to buy coins that isn't associated to them, they make no profit. FIFA have this thing called FIFA points which gives you in game currency to buy packs, it's a huge thing, they make millions.

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Within Ultimate Team you earn coins by playing matches. You can then use these coins to buy players from the transfer market or purchase packs from the store to hopefully 'pull' better players.


People who play the game a lot and others who exploit some sort of 'repeater' software on old gen amassed hundreds of thousands of coins and then discovered a way to move them around the market between players at a price.


By using 3rd party websites, transactions can be arranged and then the coins are transferred over in game via the purchase of a card(s).

The person buying the coins lists a worthless card on the market and the coin seller purchases it at a massively inflated rate, transferring the coins to the buyer.


EA rightly wanted it gone because buying coins was about 10 times cheaper then buying their own in game currency of Fifa points. Plus the market was flooded with coins and a basic Ronaldo card would cost something like 15,000,000, which meant people playing honestly had no chance of competing.


It's been pretty much wiped out by prices ranges, removal of auto buyers and EA monitoring closely, but it still exists.




OP - Have a look over at the EA forums for some help... Don't think it'll be much use though. 



Edit- Started typing before I'd seen TG's post.

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