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Black & White Art on Canvas

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Hope you don't mind me posting up the following link to my new Art page on Facebook.


I have recently started painting which is something I'd not done since my school days a long time ago.


I'm specialising in primarily Bold Black and white portrait work using acrylic paint on canvas.


If any of you can spare the time to check out my page and drop it a like of a share I would be massively grateful for it.


If there is anything you would be interested in having done feel free to drop me a line either on here or via the facebook page.



thanks again





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Your stuff is fantastic, seems mad to me that you could be that good having not painted in a long time- how long ago are we talking?


I ask because I also haven't touched a paintbrush since I was doing my Art A-Level. That's getting on for half a lifetime ago for me and I do often wonder whether I'd be able to pick it up and do it again, or whether I'd just be hopeless now!

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Thanks Arch, nice one.


Ha yeah I'm the same as you.  I last painted doing Art A-Level.  I turn 39 in September so same as you it was a seriously long time ago.


Go for it mate.  you will surprise yourself.  I struggle to find the time to do it but I started in Feb this year and am really enjoying it.  wish I'd kept it up from school but that's always the way.


If you do grab a brush or pencil and give anything ago again let me know.  I'd love to hear and see how you get on.

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