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Grand Pro Wrestling: "Battlefield 2015" THIS FRIDAY!

Mr. Noble

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Show THIS Friday! Doors open 7pm, show starts 7:30pm. 


£8 online at grandprowrestling.co.uk/shop 


£9.50 on the door at The Rose Club, Hindley Wigan WN2 3EU





Main Event: GPW Heavyweight Title Match

Dirk Feelgood © v. Ricky J. McKenzie


RJM, has been by Dirk's side ever since his dramatic return to the ring last year. But in March, he positioned himself not by his side, but directly infront of him as he challenged him to the title at Battlefield. With Joey Hayes being the recognised No.1 Contender, RJM had to take drastic action to get what he wanted by attacking the 3 time champ, Feelgood.


The match now takes place between the young, up and coming upstart vs. the celebrated wiley veteran. Who will leave the Rose Club with the title?!?





Six Man Tag:

CJ Banks, Sam Bailey & Chris Ridgeway v. Jack Gallagher, Tabu & Nick Maguire


Banks, Bailey and new comer Chris Ridgeway join forces to take on the trio of Jack Gallagher, Nick Maguire and Tabu in a tasty looking six man tag! Banks and Gallagher have been locked in a well publicised feud for over 12 months but now that rivalry welcomes in 4 more exciting names. Can the teams co-exist? The man who gets the pinfall in this one can expect big things to come for the rest of 2015. 





Nate Travis Calls out Cyanide!


As it says on the tin, hard hitting Nate Travis will call out former Heavyweight Champion Cyanide this Friday! Find out, why, where and when the inevitable match will take place!





Singles Match:

Craig Kollins v. Bubblegum


Craig Kollins is 0 - 2 in GPW and quickly needs to make a name for himself before he is brushed away and forgotten about. He sees his challenge to GPW's favourite son, Bubblegum as the difference maker. A win against a former CC8 winner and Heavyweight Champion, Bubblegum is adored by GPW fans. A win here will give Kollins the legitamacy he yearns for. But, a win against Bubblegum will be far, far from easy. Don't miss this one!





GPW Tag Team Title Match:

The Bad Lads v. The Midnight Bin Collection w/ Chrissy from New York ©


Drill and Barnes, The Bad Lads have pushed and pushed and they have finally got what they wanted, a title match against the champs.Jet Fashion and Bin Man, The Midnight Bin Collection.


The MBC are hands down the hottest act in town right now and certainly have the momentum behind them but The Bad Lads have proven they are no easy push overs and not afraid to go to any extremes to get the job done.




In addition to all the above, we also have TWO MORE NWRL MATCHES! 


Buy your tickets now online for just £8 - grandprowrestling.co.uk/shop

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No problem Ben. Here are the results from Grand Pro Wrestling "Battlefield".


We kicked off the show with GPW Heavyweight Champion, Dirk Feelgood who called out RJM. The two exchanged words leading to the scheduled main event kicking off the show.


Heavyweight Title Match

Dirk and RJM started the match by brawling all over the arena. Tragedy struck when RJM took aim at Dirk's injured shoulder sending him into the ring post, shoulder first. Dirk fought back valiantly, surviving several attempts made by RJM to make him tap out before he fell prey to RJM's modified F5. The challenger further added insult to injury by putting one foot on Dirk's chest as the referee made the three count.


Result: Winner and NEW GPW Heavyweight Champion: RJM.


Post match, Johnnie Brannigan entered the ring to check on Dirk and then demanded a microphone. Appalled by RJM's actions en route to victory and after the bell, Brannigan demanded RJM defend the title later that night against Joey Hayes, Cyanide, CJ Banks, Bubblegum and Nate Travis!


North West Rookie League Tag Team Match

Joey Hayes and his rookie, Soner Durson headed to the ring next as they were set to take on Pro Dave Rayne and his rookie Matt Brookes. Brookes debut was certainly memorable as he sang his way to the ring, operatic style. Hayes and Durson worked well together as a team against the returning Rayne and his pro until Dylan Roberts, Danxig and AAA Tasker appeared at ringside to taunt their rivals, Hayes and Durson. Seizing the opportunity Rayne pinned Durson with a sit out powerbomb. Grabbing the microphone after the match, Roberts scolded Hayes for allegedly putting his desire to be Heavyweight Champion ahead of the needs of his rookie, Soner Durson.


Result: Winners by pinfall Dave Rayne and Matt Brooks.


Tag Team Trophy Match

The Bads Lads and The Midnight Bin Collection went at it in the third bout, brawling all over the arena. At one point, Drill hiptossed Bin Mann over the barrier into the crowd which left Jet Fashion at the mercy of the Bad Lads. Bin Mann ultimately made it back to the ring to aid his teammate but it was the unexpected arrival of Alex Jones-Casey which sealed the fate of the MBC. With the referee distracted by AJC, Drill struck Bin Mann in the head with a steel chain enabling Mickey Barnes to pin Bin Mann and capture the trophy for the Bad Lads.


Result: Winners and NEW Tag Team Champions, The Bad Lads!


Bubblegum Vs Craig Kollins


Bubblegum defeated Craig Kollins in the next match despite taking a tremendous beating via a Storm Cradle Driver. Post match, Kollins put the referee in a chokehold!


Result: Winner by pinfall, Bubblegum


Six Man Tag Team Match

Jack Gallagher, Tabu w/Simon Valour and Nick Maguire def CJ Banks, Sam Bailey and Chris Ridgeway when Maguire pinned Bailey off an STO. Prior to the fall, Jack Gallagher accidentally struck Tabu. Tabu confronted Jack about this after the match only to be admonished by Simon Valour. Maguire hit Bailey with another STO after the match.


Result: Winners by pinfall, Nick Maguire, Jack Gallagher and Tabu w/ Simon Valour




North West Rookie League Tag Team Match

The returning Melanie Price introduced her rookie to the ring, "The Ringmaster" Nicholas Cartier who teamed with Noah for his match against Jiggy Walker and Jimmy Jackson. Cartier and Noah picked up an impressive win in this one after Noah pinned Jackson off a Running Knee.


Result: Winners by pinfall, "The Ringmaster" Nicholas Cartier and Noah w/ Melanie Price


Heavyweight Title-Six Way Match

New Champion RJM faced near impossible odds as he stepped into the ring for his first title defence against multiple opponents. All six men came close to capturing the title at one point or another but it would be Bubblegum who would surprise RJM with a double foot stomp off the top rope and pin RJM to capture his second Heavyweight Title.


Result; Winner and NEW GPW Heavyweight Champion, Bubblegum!


Pausing for breath after his title win, Bubblegum thanked the fans for their support only to be assaulted by the man he defeated earlier in the night, Craig Kollins. 

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Cheers Kev!


Sounds one heck of an eventful show, both in terms of new champions and new characters, as well as setting stuff up for the rest of the year. NWRL sounds like exactly what I was hoping for.


I'll be keeping an eye out for the on-demand release (... and/or winning the DVD in a future raffle...).

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