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Wrestling quilt covers

King Pitcos

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I had one with (I think) Jericho, HHH, RVD, and Road Dogg on.  Each wrestler had a picture of them and their logo, but I'm pretty sure for Road Dogg it was a picture of RVD headlocking him and you couldn't see his face (this also served as the RVD picture).  They just stuck the Road Dogg logo next to his torso.  My mum probably got me it from Argos in about 2002.


It wasn't RVD headlocking Road Dogg, but I do vaguely remember the one you're on about. I think it was Chyna or The Rock.


Yeah come to think of it I think it was Chyna.  I think Rock was also on the quilt.


I was thinking RVD because I got some pyjamas with RVD, Jericho, and HHH on from M&S around about the same time 

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