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Road To WrestleMania (and beyond) Expectations

Liam O'Rourke

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So for this weeks podcast we're going to talk all the fallout of the Rumble PPV as we head to Mania, and want to get some general feedback on the following:


1. With the main event now seemingly in place, how do you see the rest of the Mania card shaping up, and are you excited about it? Why or why not...


2. What are your expectations for the run between now and Mania? Will Reigns will be booed regularly or was Philly a one-off? Will the crowd get behind Bryan stronger? Is Lesnar going to be cheered? Etc....


3. How do you feel about the landscape of WWE coming out of Mania, based on how things are shaping up?


As always we'll be reading your responses on the show and crediting you accordingly. The negative atmosphere post-Rumble is obvious, but want to gauge what people are actually anticipating as a result, and all will be discussed on the show...

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1- HHH/Sting is more or less locked in, Cena to face Rusev in a 'Rocky IV' Match (winner has to do Rocky's "If I can change, and you can change, everybody can change" speech verbatim


2- fans will chant rand nonsense until Daniel Bryan appears, watch him, then moan when he loses.

This....over, and over again. Ziggler to feud with Adam Rose just to make sure he knows his place


3- Rollins to cash-in at Wrestlemania. No-one has cashed in Wrestlemania yet in the 10 years that the MITB concept has been around. Want to make a star? Do it when you have the most eyeballs watching your show

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1. HHH vs. Sting, Cena vs. Rusev, Miz vs. Mizdow? I'm normally quite excited normally even if the card is shit, just because it's 'Mania. The big crowd, the different stage (every other entrance ramp is the same these days), the HUGE amount to fireworks, plus having the Hall of Fame every year too. I'm interested with HHH/Sting as Triple H tends to put the effort in when he does pop up in a match, and Sting might as well for the money their throwing at him. Miz vs. Mizdow has potential and I'm always willing to watch Miz get beat. Don't know what it is about that guy, I just hate him, even when he was a face.


2. I reckon Reigns will get boo's at first, but he has the benefit of having a fued involving Paul Heyman. He can hopefully work some of his magic in promos and actually be so heel that the crowd are at least booing the right person come the end of March.


3. I think Seth Rollins will cash in MITB the night after Wrestlemania, and finish the Reigns/Rollins fued from last year over the next month or so.

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