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Rev Pro - Uprising Event Next Week - Huge News! Ricochet out - AA

Mark Sloan

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Breaking news regarding the Uprising weekend...

In an ever-moving landscape, sometimes things change and revolution is brought about by that change.

On Thursday night, we were informed that due to a scheduling conflict with Lucha Underground, Ricochet's booking with them on 25th & 26th October has been moved forward to October 18th and 19th, Uprising weekend. Despite assurances that his contract would not affect his appearance in the UK, it seems that once again, that landscape shifts with no prior warning and we're called into action.

We pride our ability to move with situations and not just match like for like, but to provide scenarios like nobody else, so the question is, on one weeks notice, with flights etc all paid and major shows going on around the world, how do you replace the greatest high flyer in the world?

You obtain the services of ‘The greatest man that ever lived!’

That’s right former TNA World Champion, 2 x ROH World Champion A Double, AUSTIN ARIES joins the revolution!

In just one short week, we're bringing Austin Aries to London and what's more Aries will slot right into Ricochets previously advertised bouts so now on Saturday October 18th Austin Aries will join Rich Swann to take on spectacular brother tag team 2 Unlimited and then on Sunday October 19th he will go one on one with Kazuchika Okada in what can only be described as a can’t miss dream match. You will not see this match anywhere else!

Aries undoubtedly a huge superstar, a main eventer and anywhere else, Aries would be a meet and greet of his own, but both ourselves and Aries want to give everybody an extra special bonus and we can confirm he will also be apart of Saturdays Meet & Greet prior to Uprising!

We are absolutely delighted to be bringing The Greatest Man That Ever Lived into our nations capital and you can rest assured that he is coming in to make a HUGE impact!


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Well if (and always fun not having it a week out) my ticket turns up for Sunday I'll still go but not impressed.

Email andy@revolutionprowrestling.com and he should be able to help out your ticket issue.

Well, Andy usually doesn´t respond to any enquiries!:/


Haven´t got my ticket yet.Other German fans have them already

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Thanks Mark.


Great response when I emailed - 'replacement' ticket sent out first class and arrived today. As to whether that was a genuine 'replacement' because it was 'lost' in the mail first time........


Looking forward to Sunday now - an international card with a NJPW wrestler 10mins down the road on the bus. How far did that seen away in 1993 with the SoW photos and occasional shot of Muto/Chono on Worldwide? 

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The show was great. Beforehand I assumed there might extra matches to the six announced, but in hindsight I'm glad there wasn't. The show went rather long with a late start and intermission that went on longer than announced, and I was getting a little tired when the main event start.


Thankfully, the main event was the right match to go on last. Although it was Okada that sold me my ticket (and I suspect several others) and I had heard in the day that the title match was main eventing, the Ospreay/Sydal match was exactly was required to make my heart race despite being tired. It was a great state-of-the-art match, and my fear that Sydal might not keep up with "The Aerial Assassin" was unfounded. The opening "sparring" was jaw-dropping, Sydal was great on the mat working Ospreay's leg, and the final six moves/attempted moves made for a stunning home straight. Really, the match deserved to go on last. Thank you Rev:Pro for bringing it to us.


On a sour note, it really disappointed me to hear so many people chanting and cheering for Marty when he's a great heel and working as hard as he can to make you boo him.

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Quick thoughts. (Edit: That was longer than intended).


2 Unlimited vs Aries/Swann - Visiting team were well over with the audience, first time seeing Swann live and he really popped as an act. Aries was exactly as you'd expect and although the home team a step or two behind they didn't embarrass themselves. One of them reminds me physically of Santino, so I naturally liked him.


Anderson vs Mastiff - The crowd seemed to enjoy Mastiff more than I do but a decent match nevertheless. Nice seeing assorted Bullet Club members make their way to RPW, including Styles in February which should be quality. Shame I probably won't be going due to it being Valentines weekend.


Okada vs Redman - First of all, Redman is JACKED. Could easily be this promotions Cena, and hope to see him get that push. Enjoyed this match a lot, Okada delivered as expected and Redman was right there with him. 


Too Cool & Rikishi vs Revolutionists - Rikishi was absolutely massive and had trouble getting around but still delivered what was needed from him despite suffering from an apparent leg injury. Scotty was solid as always, and Christopher tried hard. Still an enjoyable nostalgia act. Bodom of the Revolutionists impressed me with his intensity and I'm a fan of Sha and his act. Not sure how I feel about Frazier, his mannerisms and reactions are great but he's just too skinny. Fun match.


Marty vs Stone - I wasn't familiar with the backstory for this match going in but it delivered on the night. A little overbooked maybe, but the storyline seemed to demand it, and despite having reservations about Stone at first he really grew on me as the match went on. Great gutsy performance. What's with the umbrella? Marty seems to be about 4 different gimmicks in one at the moment which is a bit muddled, but is decent in ring.


The PA was appalling for the post match angle, which meant I just wanted it end, but seemed to do a sound job of introducing the Hooligans. Zak mentioning internet fans on a show that seems to get comparatively very little online attention was a bit odd, but the two teams should have a good brawl in the future. Hopefully Redman can go all beast mode in a brawl environment.


Ospreay vs Sydal - Great match. Sydal managed to show more charisma with the sound guy than I've ever seen from him in the ring, he should let that out a bit more. I had trepidations about whether he could still go like he used to pre injury, but he was right there and still has the best looking moonsault/SSP in the game (personal choice). Ospreay is not quite there yet as a total package, but is obviously a tremendous aerial performer. The future is bright for that guy.


Post match saw the Revolutionists attack Sydal and Ospreay, who fought back leaving Marty in the ring. Just as I was wondering who would take a pop at him Rockstar Spud appeared in the screen to a big reaction. From there he taunted Marty, and announced he would be challenging for the title on the February show, only to appear in the ring and take Marty down. I'm not sure how much of a threat Spud can be perceived as after his 'man-servant' run in TNA, but I am confident that he is talented enough to pull it off. Should be a fine match.


Overall really enjoyable show at the end of a very long day. Anything less would've seen me flagging, but the action managed to keep me captivated throughout, which is the highest praise I can give it really. Just need to sort the re-occurring timing issues out, but apart from that great value for money.

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