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British Wrestling Dvds Wanted


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I'm wanting copies of british wrestling dvds.


If anyone are selling these as cheap as possible can you let me know


I'm after copies not orginals


A lot of promoters read this forum. I don’t think they’d be happy at you taking money out of their pocket and, as PBWFan says, asking for pirate copies.


Support the British wrestling scene. Buy a genuine copy from the promoters themselves.

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I love british wrestling!

I used to buy all the dvds from the promotions including going to events etc

The reason i've asked this is because i cant afford to buy the dvds straight from the companies

As i have a new baby and currently out of work which has put a stop to all additional expenses.

I miss britwres and that was why i asked.

I'm sorry i have made some of you angry about this.

And for the record i have had 0 pms

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There's enough free stuff on youtube if you're short on cash. ICW have put up roughly 20-30 episodes of "Worldwide" featuring guys such as Grado, Colt Cabana, Prince Devitt, Jack Jester, Jimmy Havoc etc. etc.


Then there's companies like PCW & SOUTHSIDE that put up free matches with the best international talent.


And that is not even mentioning the countless other promotions who put up great matches for free. There's no really need for encouraging piracy when there's enough free stuff out there to get you by.

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