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WAW At Cromer Carnival


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Martin Stone ex WWE NXT Star has agreed to appear at Stars in Yarmouth sunday 17 August 3 pm and the Cromer carnival the same evening at 7-30pm, Martin has appeared on a couple of shows for WAW Since his return from the USA and has proved a big hit with the fans, More big news re, Stars and the carnival to follow.

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thanks to Sonia Tindall WAW Fan page.


A fantastic show by the WAW team at Cromer Carnival on Sunday, lots of wrestling fans, some regulars but lots of new people too. Very large crowd and you could certainly tell they all really enjoyed the show.

The first match was between Filthy Phil Powers V Robin Lekime with James 'Milky' O'Hagan as ref. There was lots of action in this match, plenty of throws and holds. Also some cheating by Phil, at one point he gouged at Robin's eyes. After a thrilling battle the win went to Robin Lekime.

Next there was an International match between Miquel Rodriguez from Austria V Tristain Archer from France with Jimmy Ocean as ref. This was a brutal match, Tristian was not letting Miquel back on his feet despite being warned by the ref. It seemed hard for Jimmy to keep control of the match. For a while Miquel seemed to be on top in the match, but then Tristain managed to pin Miquel for a 3 count making him the winner.......However what the ref couldnt see was that Tristain had used the ropes to help him to get the pin!!!! The winner was Tristain Archer.

The next match was between Mitchell Starr V Sykes....with a special guest appearance from Little Legs! With James Milky O'hagan as ref. There was lots of cheating during this match from Mitchell, he also received 2 blue cards from the ref. Little Legs was brilliant, hanging onto Mitchells legs, then later on trying to pin him. In the end, with the help of Sykes, Little Legs managed to pin Mitchell for a 3 count. The winners were Sykes & Little legs.

After the interval we had a ladies illumination match between Sammi Baynes, Penelope, Amy Lee Kramer, Chanelle and Liberty, with Jimmy Ocean as ref. These ladies were full on from the very start of the match, so much action happing it was difficult to know where abouts to look! There was even fighting outside of the ring, this was such a brutal match. Penelope and Chanelle were the first to be illuminated, closely followed by Amy Lee Kramer. This left Sammi and Liberty to fight it out for the win. After a grueling fight, Liberty managed to pin Sammi. The win was awarded to Liberty.

Then we had a match between Aaron Frost V Martin Stone, with James O'Hagan as ref. An excellent match from the very start, lots of action. At one point Martin manages to throw Aaron out of the ring, later on in the match, Aaron throws Martin into the corner post. Then Martin has a frenzied attack on Aaron, beating him around the head, then he floors Aaron with a clothes line move. he is then able to pin Aaron. Martin Stone was declared the winner.

The main event of the evening was a tag match between King Kendo & Alex Young v The UK Hooligans with Jimmy Ocean as ref. The hooligans immediately get the crowd cheering. Immediately into the match Kendo starts viciously attacking the hooligans. The Hooligan respond to this by smashing a bin over Alex's head, then Zac places the bin in front of alex, then jumps off the top rope and smashes the bin into him. This match was so fast paced and crammed full of action, was difficult to keep up with what was happening! Lots of cheating from Alex and Kendo as we have come to expect!. So much happening in this match, many throws, 2 counts and jumping from the ropes. After a while, this brutal match was ended with Roy managing to pin Alex. The Uk Hooligans were declared the winners.

The chairman of the Cromer Carnival committee got into the ring at the end of the show and said what a fantastic show it was and thanked all of WAW. he also said he was looking forward to them returning to next years carnival.

This was honestly one of the best shows ive seen in a while from WAW, they just seen to be going from strength to strength and getting better and better. A huge thank you to you all 



attendance approx 250.

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