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Issue 10 is currently being printed with orders being shipped early-mid next week. You can snag a copy for just £1.99 - which by our reckoning makes it the lowest priced printed wrestling magazine in the UK.


Our team of writers, which for issue ten includes practically the entire team of (the now closed) CollarAndElbow.com, the hilarious Kefin Mahon of the Attidue Era Podcast and the very-Scottish Martin Smith of Snapmare Necks. Here is the full contents of issue 10:


  • The Big Red Surprise - Why Kane has stood the test of time in WWE.
  • Marty Scurll: Inspirations - TNA British Boot Camp start ‘Party’ Marty talks exclusively to Calling Spots about the impact Bret Hart has had on his career.
  • The Attitude Era Podcast - Channel 4 Life; a look at WWE and Ch4’s rocky relationship from the year 2000.
  • Jimmy Nail’s Revenge - The Calling Spots team attend ICW’s recent show in Newcastle upon Tyne for an….interesting experience.
  • Thank You Punk.
  • Would WWE Benefit from a Six Man Tag Division?
  • 望月 成晃 - A look at one of Japan’s finest; Mochizuki.
  • We review the latest WWE DVD releases.
  • Uhaa’s Nation - A Scottish view of one of the hottest up-and-comers in the world from Snapmare Necks!
  • Batista: How WWE and the fans failed him....deal with it.
  • As well as loads of art, laughs and even a wrestling crossword!

You can grab a copy for just £1.99 by clicking here.


or....if you're not convinced, feel free to watch this ridiculous video we have made "unboxing" our last issue HERE


Cheers for reading - Rich.

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Update: The tenth issue of our pro wrestling fanzine is now available to buy now. For proof....here is a photo of Marty Scurll reading it while enjoying a fresh coffee.




We also made a two minute video that shows you inside the 'zine and is full of RUBBISH wrestling jokes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJd00ppFpKE


So yeah,if you're missing Powerslam, anticipating missing WWE magazine or none of the above, slide over to http://CallingSpots.com and check a copy out for just £1.99 (which I think makes us the lowest-priced printed wrestling mag in the UK).




Rich (Editor)

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We are ecstatic to announce that we now offer subscriptions to our professional wrestling fanzine; Calling Spots. Our subscription prices start from just £9.95 per year and give you access to at least 15 fanzines during that time (as low as just 66 pence per issue)!


We have two types of subscriptions available – PRINT and DIGITAL.


We are also currently giving away A FREE GOODIE BAG with the first 100 PRINTED subscriptions.


All the details of the different subscriptions can be found by clicking here


Thank you.



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The 11th issue of our pro wrestling fanzine is now available to pre-order in print for just £1.99 plus postage over at our website.




Here is what's inside....

  • The Future is Now – Why NXT is giving WWE a bright future, today.
  • Jimmy Fucking Havoc – Part one of our in-depth interview with the UK’s most nefarious bad guy.
  • No Gimmicks Needed – We look at the legacy Power Slam has left behind and catch up with it’s editor Fin Martin.
  • Hastily Hated Helmsley – Part one of our career retrospective of The Game.
  • (Don’t) Believe the Hype – Our resident Japanese aficionado tells us why so many wrestling fans support the Bullet Club.
  • Rebellion 1999 – A look back at the UK-only PPV 15 years on.
  • It’s Party Time – We are delighted to announce that TNA British Boot Camp star and one of the UK’s finest wrestlers ‘Party’ Marty Scurll has joined our writing team to tell us about his must unusual experiences as a pro wrestler.



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Just a quick one - we are doing a sale for Black Friday since us Brits, you know, love doing stuff that they do in the States.


Items from 50p and zines from 99p HERE.


Some of the deals are tailored for new readers who want to check us out before committing to a subscription and suchlike.





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