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  1. Wrestle Crate - ROH collab merch!

    Hi everyone, We've announced that we're working directly with Ring of Honor to create THIS exclusive item, which will be inside every one of September's Crates. Use code UKFF10 to save 10% on your first Crate when you sign up at WrestleCrate.co.uk Cheers - Rich
  2. Hi guys. I wanted to let you all know that we've teamed up with Wrestle Crate to bring their service to the UK and Europe, without needing to pay such high shipping and import fees. I don't want to give you a sales pitch or bore you with all of the details from the press release. I also appreciate that a mystery box of wrestling loot isn't going to be something that everybody wants to spend their money on, but if you do find yourself buying wrestling tees, DVDs, autographs, figures and other collectables each month then this might be something you'd dig. The purpose of this post is to simply let you know what it is, why we're doing it and answer any questions that anybody may have. First of all, please don't think that this is some bunch of chancers trying to jump on a bandwagon and make a quick few quid. Wrestle Crate are the original wrestling-themed-box service. This is an established product which has proven to be massively popular in the States. All that we are doing here is making it more readily available to wrestling fans in the UK and Europe, since we often have to pay a fortune to have stuff shipped from the States. Our lower shipping costs will save you as much as £8.75 per month. Our other mission is to get more UK-based content into the crates - both here and the US-based crates. With that in mind, our crates will be largely identical to our US counterparts each month as we are providing the same service. There will be slight differences between the two on occasion, however we will only do this if the cost of importing a certain product would hit the pocket of our customers or if a product wouldn't work in Europe, such as region 1 DVDs for example. Crates start at just £11.99 with shipping at £4 within the UK. You can read more or sign up at www.WrestleCrate.co.uk Better yet - as an exclusive bonus for the UKFF faithful, if you enter the promo code UKFF10 at the checkout you'll get 10% off your first crate. This offer is valid until 31/12/15. Our first crate ships on Nov 18th and you can sign up for this until Nov 13th. I've posted some further details below if you'd like to read them. If you have any questions, please just give me a shout. Thanks for reading, Richard Penaluna WHAT IS WRESTLE CRATE? Wrestle Crate is the world's first mystery crate containing pro wrestling goodies. It's a subscription service, meaning you buy and receive a crate each month. You can cancel at any time; there is no 6-month obligation to get the best deals. You can re-activate and cancel your account as much as you like to opt in and out of months. WHAT IS INSIDE A WRESTLE CRATE? To-date, Wrestle Crates have included items such as: Mattel WWE Elite Figures Signed 8x10s from wrestling stars, from the Young Bucks to Jerry 'The King' Lawler Funko Pop Vinyls DVDs from Ring of Honor, WWE and many more T-shirts from Pro Wrestling Tees Exclusive items unavailable anywhere else such as exclusive issues of Calling Spots magazine and Pentagon Jr plush toys Collectables plus lots more Examples: WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE STANDARD AND ULTIMATE CRATE? Simply the amount of stuff that you get inside. The Ultimate Crate features everything that the Standard Crate does and then some! WHERE CAN YOU GET IT? Our new dedicated European website is www.WrestleCrate.co.uk where you can sign up today. This will ensure that you'll be first in line to get our first crate shipped from the UK on November 18th. Be it a treat for yourself or even Christmas gift - this is a must for any pro wrestling fan. You can talk to us on Twitter @WrestleCrateUK, Instagram @WrestleCrateUK and Facebook.com/WrestleCrateUK.