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I Am The Tag Team Champions

Chris Brooker

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Decided to make a nuisance of myself and start an official thread for the show that Billy Kirkwood & myself have been putting about over the last year. At the moment we've got dates set for this Saturday as part of the Glasgow Comedy Festival and a couple of shows in mind for our return to the Edinburgh festival in August. Beyond that we're going to take it on the road in the autumn and hit as many cities around the UK as we can.


What is I Am The Tag Team Champions? Essentially it's the two of us providing an hour of stand-up comedy about the wild world of the squared circle as well as plenty of audience interaction, special guests from the comedy & wrestling worlds and even a chance for an audience member to win prizes. Between us we've got more than twenty years of experience on the comedy circuit, have both supported Mick Foley, William Regal, Diamond Dallas Page and many others. So far the shows have been tremendous fun with a great vibe and we can't wait to take it on the road.


In the meantime here's a plug for this coming Saturday night. We'll also be doing a little bit of the show when we support William Regal in May and our as-yet-unnamed-Hall-Of-Famer that will be touring with Eros Comedy in the latter half of a July. Should give folk a chance to see what we're all about.




Billy Kirkwood... Chris Brooker... Two mightily accomplished stand-up comedians in their own rights that have decided to join forces. Comedy's irresistable force and immovable object form a dream team and bring you the ultimate comedy show all about the wild world of professional wrestling.


By fans, for fans... This is a non stop festival of mirth entirely about the oft maligned bastard offspring of sport and theatre. A complete sell out at the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe, it's a chance for grappling fans of all ages to come together in celebration while laughing long and loud about the idiosyncrasies of the squared circle.


No stranger to wrestling fans in Glasgow or indeed worldwide Billy Kirkwood is the voice of Insane Championship Wrestling, calling the action alongside Dr Sean David. In addition he's a superb stand up comedian, a live wire with limitless energy whose mirth making skills have taken him all over the globe.


Chris Brooker will be familiar to anyone that's attended recent UK tours by wrestling legends Mick Foley, Diamond Dallas Page, William Regal and many more. In huge demand as a host and compere, Chris is renowned for his quick wit and ability to ply his trade in front of any crowd. Together Billy & Chris toured the UK with Colt Cabana as part of his sell out tour in late 2013.


Stand up comedy, interactivity, competitions, prizes, surprises... Above all special guests! Billy & Chris will be joined by the stars of BBC 1's Insane Fight Club documentary. First up is Mark Dallas, the twisted genius behind the phenomenon that is Insane Championship Wrestling. Joining him is Chris Renfrew, the hard drinking and hard fighting cornerstone of the malevolent New Age Kliq. Rounding out the line up is no less a man than reigning and defending ICW World Heavyweight champion Jack Jester.


'Like Soccer AM for wrestling fans. Absolutely brilliant.' Three Weeks


Tickets on sale in advance from Skiddle but if you're going to ICW Still Smokin' on Sunday then bring your ticket to QMU a night early and get in for

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All the best of luck for the Glasgow Comedy Festival. I really hope your show does go on tour and that I can make a date around the London area. Good to hear you're planning on bring someone over in July as well. Care to drop any hints?? ;)

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Tremendous night last night at QMU in Glasgow, really pleased with the way the show turned out. Our guests were absolutely brilliant, regaling us with genuinely hilarious tales from the world of wrestling and then damned near stealing the show during the wrestling related improv games. Thanks to all that came out to support us and especial thanks to Mark Dallas, Chris Renfrew and Jack Jester.


More shows will be announced for summer and autumn very soon including our return to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. In the meantime I'm off to see if I can get my hands on one of those Rob Van Dam tattie peelers...

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Shameless pluggery again... Mister Kirkwood & myself, relatively fresh off of warming up for Roddy Piper on tour, are piecing together the inevitable and almost guaranteed to be brilliant Autumn/Winter/Spring tour for I Am The Tag Team Champions. It all kicks off this coming Saturday in Edinburgh with the first of our two night run at the world's biggest arts festival.

We're currently trying to convince Jimmy Havoc to staple flyers to the foreheads of passers by on the Royal Mile. It looks like a goer. He doesn't take a lot of convincing, if anything the real challenge will be to stop him from "flyering" every drama group out en masse trying to push "It's Macbeth but, it's like, totally NOT Macbeth 'cause we made Rupert Murdoch Macbeth and it's really all about Palestine and... OW, WHY DI YOU STAPLE MY FACE IT'S MY LIVELIHOOD!" Pricks.


Anyway we're in Edinburgh at Studio 24 this Saturday as well as the following Saturday night. Yes, TWO nights. We'll be doing a full run by 2019. Don't confuse quality with quantity though as we're gearing up for a bigger, better, bolder and badder show. More laughs, special guests, up to the moment gags & banter. If you're wondering what banter is it's what "TOP BANTZ" used to be until the cunthive moved in en masse and claimed it. Oh and it's actually funny.

Get your tickets for our limited run right HERE.

By fans, for fans... The original and best comedy show for wrestling fans. We've set up a Facebook page because that's how things work these days. Go and like it and we'll keep you informed of when we're coming to your town. Or a nearby town. Or nowhere near you. I've also got a fuck ton of signed stuff that's just taking up space in my living abode and I want shot of it so I'll be using them as bribes in return for marketing. Or prizes if you prefer to see the world through rose tinted glasses. Just share things for fuck's sake. Here's the page... ----> RIGHT HERE <----

Oh and we're already booked for MANCHESTER, LIVERPOOL & SHEFFIELD in the Autumn with more to come as we get them in the diary. Our greatest advertisement is word of mouth so if you've seen us and enjoyed us then tell EVERYONE that might enjoy it. If you saw me on WrestleTalk TV then I promise to stammer less but sweat a similar amount. Also it's worth coming to the show just to see Kirkwood's calves. Seriously. Well worth showing off.

See you there. Or somewhere else.

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