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Wrestling Babyface of The Year 2013



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I went with Goldust. Daniel Bryan will probably end up getting it and it's certainly hard to argue against that choice- he's unquestionably the most over babyface in the WWE, but I felt I had to vote against him purely for that wanky promo before SummerSlam where he slagged off John Cena. It just didn't sit right with me and it rather spoiled the build to what would ultimately end up being one of the matches of the year.

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Tough choice: Zayn, Grado or Daniel Bryan.


Zayn's the greatest natural babyface in wrestling and has been for years, Grado's just hard not to totally love, but it really has been Daniel Bryan's year.


Grado is the only man in wrestling getting better reactions than Daniel Bryan that I know of but in front of "slightly smaller" crowds.


Fuck. I voted Daniel Bryan in everything this year! Voted Grado in this one. He didn't cut any wanky promos fed to him by shitty writers in the run up to a match with John Cena.

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