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Best and Worst Spotfests


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Worst is probably from Final Battle 2009 where Teddy Hart and Jack Evans just went out there and didn't do so much as do a match but something you would get on a school playground at breaktime.


There are so many great spotfests from PWG in the last two-three years I couldn't pick one. It remains one of my favourite TNA matches to this day: the first ever match on their first PPV between AJ, Ki and Lynn against the Flying Elivises. Sets up a new brand of highflying perfectly, establishing two stars in Styles and Ki as ones to watch for a new wider audience, and is just a really fun couple of minutes in front of a good crowd. Plus the costumes.


Man I loved that match !

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I'm looking at this topic and I wonder why noone in the world ever mentions Yoshitsune. When I first saw him, I could not believe how fast and agile one kid can be. All of his matches are extremely exciting and innovative spotfests + he reinvented himself hundreds of times as the ultimate underdog wrestling under tens of masks.


When it comes to good spotfests, this one from TNA is pretty EPIC. The huge 4 way Tag Team Match from World X Cup 2008 is finisher after finisher after finisher for 30 minutes of intense action. Team Japan was extremely underrated in my oppinion - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_80PSxcW2hQ


The best spotfest in the Indyz is in my oppinion Ruckus vs Sabian vs Joker vs Chris Cash from CZW. Can't find the entire match but it was pretty interesting, managed to find a short funny segment though -

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RVD Vs Sabu (Stretcher Match, the Doctor is In)


This was an awesome spot fest in the main event of what was (arguably) ECW's best ever show!


As much as I loved ROH in the early days (when I had time to watch alot of wrestling) I fucking hated those spot fest matches between the S.A.T, Quiet Storm etc. I remember watching one match were one of the Maximos did a rolling piledriver and the other guy kicked out at 2! Sloppy as shit, these matches fucking stunk the place out!

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