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help needed with disco songs

children of bodom

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ok so I'm doing the school that i work ats prom. I don't really know any up to date pop songs so i asked a friend and have about 30 songs. i just wanna add a few classic disco tracks. dancey sort of songs. anyone know any good ones.


also i was going to buy just a ramdom dance album for example this one




anyone know one of these dance albums that are really good



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No doubt the kids are going to ask you to play all sorts of stuff on the night. Ask a few of them to write you a list of what they'd like to hear before the night of the prom.

The prom might only be on for a few hours long, and there might be over 2 hours worth of music on a compilation CD but at a prom people want to dance, and if no one likes the music on whatever cd comp you buy then you'll have a lot of pissed off teenagers.

So my advice speaking from 7 years experience DJing is get as much information as possible and get as much music as you can.

You'll never please everyone though. Good luck with it.

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