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Fight Club Pro - Friday 23 March - Wolverhampton

Richie Freebird

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They have since announced the full card:


ight Club: PRO Championship Match


"Die Hard" Eddie Edwards vs. "The Super Don" Trent Seven

After long deliberation, the management at Fight Club: PRO have decided that the former champion "The Super Don" Trent Seven will receive his rematch with "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards at The Return on Friday 23rd March 2012.


Tag Team Encounter


Chris Brookes & ? vs. Rockstar Spud & Dave Williams


International Singles Challenge


Jonathan Gresham vs. Dave Mastiff

Following a challenge laid down by Gresham, Mastiff has accepted to fight him at The Return.


Tag Team Encounter


Clint Margera & ? vs. The Hunter Brothers

Following a run of losses Clint Margera has declared that he will change his recent run of form in the most incredible way possible. With a win over arguably the best tag team in Fight Club: PRO. However, he has not declared who his partner will be in this epic fight.




Gresham vs Mastiff is gonna be amazing. Had my hopes up for Eddie/MK but judging by MK's FB page, he's still gonna be on the show and not taking being snubbed for the Title shot laying down....

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The show I went to at the end of last year ran from 8.30-11.30, and value for money was excellent if you ask me.


Was this a 4 match job then? 3 hours is a decent enough time to run like.


Did the venue stay open for beers after the show? I have been to the venue before, but I left after the matches and went to watch a heavy metal band that were playing in another nearby venue. If I go on my own though, I

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It's a nightclub the same as Preston so I assume the same deal.


And it looks to always be 4 or so matches on their own shows. 8.30-11.30, "intermissions" during each match.


I'm looking forward to my first taste of FCP. A lot of my friends absolutely rave about this promotion so for a fiver and to get to see Eddie Edwards it really felt like it was the right time at last to finally get down to a show.

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4 matches that last a long while. I think if like before they had two matches a break and then two matches it wouldn't be bad, but from my last experience it was a break between every match and started really later than expected meaning i had to miss the main event

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