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Team Bring It or Cenation?


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So we're 40 days away from the biggest spectacle in WM history

John Cena vs The Rock


Who's side will you people be on, Will you side with the Hollywood Film Star and Attitude Era Star? or will you side with the man who for the last 10 years has wrestled night in, night out, PPV after PPV,


For me personally this is a tough decision, I grew up watching The Rock and he always entertains me, whether that be by promo or matches yet there is no-one in the wrestling industry that i value more than John Cena, whether you love him or hate him, he's the biggest asset in Wrestling today.


At WM28 i would love to see the rock win one more PPV especially in Miami and the crowd would go apeshit if the rock did win in the last match yet i can't help but feel, that for business its necessary for John Cena to go over at WM28 yet we all know Vince likes the crowd to go home happy and in Miami Cena would get boo'd out of the arena if he beats their hometown boy.


I believe that for the sake of the business and the fact that for the other 364 days of the year Cena's the company's main guy he will and needs to go over so therefore as much as i love the rock and would love to see him win, he just shouldn't beat cena.


UKFF discuss who you're rooting for and why you believe that guy will win......

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Cena all the way. I think he will win, but as a fan only, I've always quite liked him and always disliked the Rock, so it ain't a difficult choice.


Neither of them are anywhere close to my favorites though, so i'm more looking forward to the inevitable spectacle of it, rather than it being some kind of personal dream match I had always wanted to see.

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