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Best Non-Wrestler of 2011

Chest Rockwell

Who was the best non-wrestling onscreen character of 2011?  

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Great to see Mr Excitement romping away with this. I don't think anyone could have imagined that he would have been nearly as well used or nearly as entertaining as he has been when he first starting appearing on-screen.

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Tough one.


I think all the candidates have something to offer. Vickie has had another good year and actually improved her ringside work. I like the way she's constantly doing something outside the ring/reacting to the action in the style of an old school manager depending on whether Ziggler or Swagger is in control of the match or not.


I always thought he had potential as an onscreen character, going back to that first appearance where it seemed he was going to be booked as Vince's new 'stooge', but since becoming a focal point/main character himself Laurinaitis has really grown into the role after a so-so start.


Ricardo Rodriguez is a big part of Del Rio's act and his bumps are cool as well.


Haven't seen much TNA but Karen Angle has been a good character from the start and Bischoff is normally good value his later WWE days excepted, so I can see why the TNA fans love those two.


Booker's a laugh most of the time and I'm in the camp that thinks Cole is a good heel, if a bit too overbearing at times.


Went for Mister Excitement himself. Lets hope he can keep it up through 2012 and doesn't become another one of those good gimmicks they manage to overexpose too quickly.

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