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Well, I've not had a response from the mods so am continuing with the individual threads for the remainder of the regular season until I hear differently. However, perhaps we can make sure we are using the forum/thread as it's intended and get some discussion going about your picks, the games etc.

Meanwhile, I'm working away this coming weekend and will be travelling back on a train most of Sunday. With that in mind, the final deadline for picks is prior to Saturday night's game as I might not be in a position to re-release the fixtures. Sorry for any inconvenience but nothing I can really do about it.

Here are the fixtures for this week....

Thursday 15th December (deadline Thurs/Fri 1.20am)
Jacksonville Jaguars @ Atlanta Falcons

Saturday 17th December (deadline Sat/Sun 1.20am)
Dallas Cowboys @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Sunday 18th December
Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills
Seattle Seahawks @ Chicago Bears
Tennessee Titans @ Indianapolis Colts
Green Bay Packers @ Kansas City Chiefs
Cincinnati Bengals @ St. Louis Rams
New Orleans Saints @ Minnesota Vikings
Washington Redskins @ NY Giants
Carolina Panthers @ Houston Texans
Detroit Lions @ Oakland Raiders
New England Patriots @ Denver Cowboys
NY Jets @ Philadelphia Eagles
Cleveland Browns @ Arizona Cardinals
Baltimore Ravens @ San Diego Chargers

Monday 19th December
Pittsburgh Steelers @ San Francisco 49ers
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Last night's game has been calculated and the remaining fixtures have been re-released on the site.


However, just a reminder about Saturday night's deadline. This MAY be flexible given that I've brought my laptop with me but not knowing what the WiFi connection is going to be like where I'm going I won't commit to being able to update the Saturday night game on Sunday morning.


Therefore, getting your picks in before Sat night would be my advice.

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As an aside Spike....been a little down on Wrestling over the last year or so and don't visit this site as much as i used to,so i've not been involved in the prediction league or Fantasy. Would like to get back into both next season if there is room....bear me in mind anyways. Cheers.


You're more than welcome to join the Predictions League, no worries. As for the fantasy, I didn't run that....Lawz was in charge of that. Drop him a line and he'll put you on the list in case anyone who played this season drops out.


MESSAGE TO ALL PLAYERS: I've managed to update last night's result and have re-released the remaining fixtures so if anyone wants to go in and amend their picks for tonight & tomorrow you can.

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Sorry I'm late posting these guys.....



Rank - User - Points

1 Cowboys4SB 13*

2 silver_mask 10

2 Mrs Spyke 10

2 SpykeDudlei1 10

5 Spyke Jnr 9

5 JFFC 9


5 Horrorshow 9

5 jimufctna24 9

10 sephjnr 8

10 hbk4life 8

10 johnnyboy 8

10 SNRN10 8

14 insert_name_here 7

15 Big_Will 6

16 smp 5


* This includes 3 points added from a mis-calculation made by me 2 weeks ago. I've added them onto this week's scores so that Cowboys4SB's Overall Score is accurate but he actually only scored 10 points this week making it 4 joint winners.



Rank - User - Points

1 Horrorshow 155

2 SpykeDudlei1 147

2 johnnyboy 147

4 Cowboys4SB 145

5 Spyke Jnr 142

6 MVP RULZ 141

7 jimufctna24 140

8 Big_Will 139

9 sephjnr 135

9 SNRN10 135

11 hbk4life 132

11 dj_stevie_c 132

13 Mrs Spyke 126

13 insert_name_here 126

15 WeeAl 123

16 JFFC 121

16 AJSTYLES. 121

18 silver_mask 112

19 smp 105

20 Midlandslion 95

21 cul21 78

22 TUFCfan 62

23 Lawz 51

24 kr86 18

25 tjsmackwulf 16

26 Heatseeker 13

27 dave2tone 11

28 tiger_rick 7

28 el espanacas 7

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